How to Choose An Effective Fishing Rod

Many fishermen need a fishing rod but are not sure of the best way to go about the choice of one of these.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a fishing rod, there are some key points that may be helpful to choose a fishing rod. There are so many options available in terms of fishing rods, the task of choosing the most appropriate, it can be a little intimidating. Follow these points and you will have a much clearer understanding of what you should look for and according to what you need.

Choose a quality manufacturer – buy a rod from a quality manufacturer. There are many of them out there, and my favorites are PENN and SHIMANO. I can say from personal experience, that any of these manufacturers make fishing quality poles. Although this is not a fixed rule, I personally don’t see the need to spend more than fifty dollars in a fishing rod. The mentioned manufacturers have many options for less than $50. The conclusion is, choose the quality.

They use the correct action – the fishing rods have 5 main actions: ultra light, light, medium, medium / coarse and heavy. Each action rod is different for the different types of fishing and fish. I’m going to start down, in the basic use for each action.

Ultraligera – this action is ideal for Brook fishing and fishing for pan fish, as for example of the type of fish “CRAPPIE”.

Light – these fishing rods can also be used for small predators of river fishing, as well as fishing with Cork.

Average action – this action is good for a rod of light of trolling line, also used in river fishing for larger fish, such as the white catfish.

Medium heavy action – these rods They are used to the technique of “trolling” on board fishing and fishing for larger fish such as catfish of good size.

Action Heavy – these fishing rods are the largest. They are used for trolling and fishing from any good-sized fish. These strong fishing rods, are frequently used in saltwater fishing situations. Any of the above rules are strict, only exposed them to give you an idea of the different sizes of these attachments.

  • Seeing is believing – I want to make clear, that I am not for nothing against buying a fishing rod via the Internet, but I am against anyone buying a fishing rod via the internet without having a clear information about the same. I buy all my rods fishing through the Internet, but I know what I am buying. I’ve had gray hair in my hands before, and simply buy them over the Internet. Don’t be afraid to enter a shop, check physically shank and then you choose to find a good deal online.

These points should help you make a more informed decision in terms of the choice of a fishing rod. One last tip for the purchase of your rod, is the pointer, trafficking that is flexible and long boat launches.

Then you leave 3 fishing rods that I’ve already used and have helped me to make good catches.

Shimano Saguaro Medium Heavy Spinning Rod (7-Feet)

Penn Powerstick Rod (7-Feet/6-Inch 40 – 80 – Pound)

Okuma Fishing TU-150 Tundra 15-Foot 3-Piece Surf/Pier Spinning Rod (Large, White/Blue)

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