How to Choose Best Sleeping Bag

“The Sleeping Bag Best” does not exist! There are only quality bags and shoddy bags, sacks good at the right times and bad bags at the wrong times! The choice of the sleeping bag is not at all obvious: if there is no sleeping bag best, finding the right bag? The secret is to know how much I’ll explain in these lines, and choose according to your needs, also taking advantage of the examples: the best sleeping bag for you is between these lines, read and choose the perfect one!

Choose Sleeping Bag


The function of the sleeping bag is retaining heat of our body. The sleeping bag does not heat, does not generate heat, when we heat we produce the heat – the body – and the bag prevents the scatter due to the padding, the shape and temperature rating. Padding, shape, rating temperatures are three factors essential to consider the purchase of a sleeping bag, the variation of these three changes the functionality of the bag, so it’s good to be careful in the choice. Here’s tips from Pimasleepingbags for how to avoid mistakes.


The shape of the sleeping bag is not dictated by aesthetics but by necessity, let us not forget! The main types are the bag mummy, mummy modified or semirettangolare and the rectangular also said to blanket.

Mummy sleeping bags are those with the form most suitable for low temperatures. This type of bag fully envelops the body leaving only the face bare, recalling the appearance of Egyptian mummies. Having this shape, the bag mummy maximizes heat retention preventing the formation of air circles. The heat that offers this kind of bag is best, but against how we have less mobility: being enveloping you cannot shake as much or change so many positions. It looks ugly, but when it’s cold all other considerations into the background: in no time you get used to. For the more extreme, there are expedition models that exceed the average portfolio, but ensure comfortable nights in the worst nights.

The modified Mummy sleeping bag – sleeping bag semirettangolare – is the most suitable for night temperatures not much lower. This type of sleeping bag has a shape that mentions one of the body but not fully enveloping, leaves room for movement and partially it covers the head, but no wrap: in a less narrow range but continues to cover the body completely, the top retains heat of the head with no wrap (remember that from the very heat disperse head).

The rectangular sleeping bag is suitable for summer holidays and warmer climates, is the classic, rectangular shape. This lot is certainly the most common and usually the most economical. Available with different padding and fabrics, some models are also suitable for low temperatures – not extreme – and they are very comfortable. For summer trips, travel between host houses and hostels, camping in hot places, etc., rectangular sleeping bag is the most used; we have all had at least one.

These three models “classic” should be added to the bivouac sack (or bivy bag), sleeping double bags, sleeping bags for children, extra large sleeping bags.

The bivouac sack or bivy bag is a sleeping bag. It is a lot within which we slipped with mattress and sleeping bag to sleep outdoors or in extreme cases, in the tent. It is waterproof, insulating, often has a rigid structure on the head, serves to sleep on the ground where it happens and has the advantage of being small, lightweight, it does not require assembly times and allows to sleep almost anywhere. With some models it goes even in the rain.

The double sleeping bag is becoming increasingly popular, indeed can split the tent and the sleeping bag with someone is something extra to send straight weekend or hiking. The important thing is that do not believe they can exploit the double sleeping bag even in extreme conditions: as in two to warm up the well, its shape does not allow you to retain the heat as best mummy bags.

The sleeping bag for kids is a must when camping with the family: less space, less weight, shape adapted to the age and height of the child, heat ensured. If you stand with advice children to make this effort and take a sleeping bag for children, its dimensions: sleep better, without having cold feet. When a child uses a sleeping bag for adults, often the excess space will be enough to make him freeze his feet, moving them because they move a lot of air and scatter much heat. You can find models to suit all tastes.

The extra large sleeping bag is a pleasure for those who have a significant tonnage. You can call it sleeping bag large, sleeping bag XL or anything, but it is always the same: a sleeping bag a generous size suitable to envelop anyone. Especially with a mummy sleeping bags and those with modified mummy many people cannot sleep, why do not they come or are coming barely, compressing the padding and invalidating the insulating effect, and change size may not be enough. Perhaps there is some rule that a camper or hiker to be skinny? If it exists, with the largest sleeping bag the breaks: If your measurement is large, the bag was created for you and you will make the excursions, trips or camping you prefer in spite of the preconceptions on hikers.

The form itself is not enough to choose a sleeping bag, because bags of the same shape can withstand environments and very different temperatures, so keep reading.

Synthetic Sleeping Bag


Do not soak and dries quickly

Wet retains 71% of the insulating power

Shortly compressible

Media durability

Feather Sleeping Bag


It soaks and dries slowly

Wet loses about 80% of the insulating power

Ultra compressible

Long life if properly maintained and washed