How to Choose Bike Gloves

The second thing after brain that defines us as a people, are the hands. This applies in full force and when you get on a motorcycle. Yet I think because of all the other things for which they use writing, eating, dressing, twisting the throttle is appropriate to protect them properly. In a motorcycle accident they are the first thing that suffers. Whether falling from space, falling at low speed or slipping to 100 km / h Choosing the right glove can be the difference than to keep doing everything as usual or will get used to the unusual action with hands. Different styles of riding require different types of bicycles. This will try to systematize them to be able to make the right choice, no matter how, what and where you drive.

Before we started to do a quick overview of the functions that are essential in gloves.


   The glove should you stand as a “second skin”. They should fit snugly without stopping blood flow to the fingers. They should cover the toes entirely without sticking out the front. Must not have loose or bulging. In case of a fall are likely to break, cut or further damage the skin of the hands in abrasion. Preferably gloves that protect and wrist in addition. But should at least cover the entire palm. Avoid gloves “mittens” may be convenient for some activities, but are rather dubious fashion accessory style than some protection. Finally, the gloves should be firmly hands with a belt or other restraint. The last thing you want is to lose right now when you hit the asphalt.

This is crucial. Imagine you put your hands on working grinder and get a real idea of what is happening on the gloves which must protect you. Cowhide is standard for a long time been used, but recently enjoyed goat skins and kangaroos that provide ten times greater comfort and strength in pulling it in less weight. For reliable protection these materials are combined in varying degrees with Kevlar, Cordura nylon and various tiles from plastic, metal or carbon fiber.

No matter what your style of riding, and what do you do all day walking around bars or scrape knees on the turns you need a comfortable gloves comfortable to put on and removed. Must be light, healthy, well-ventilated and with adequate protection. They will allow you to relax and enjoy the road, not crushed and numb fingers.

Gloves Type: Urban Gloves
Must be light, “breathing” comfortable download and protect hands from hazards in the city. About vision, oh yes, you need to look aggressive type combo. It is fashionable. Preferably of perforated leather and reinforced in the area of the knuckle and palm.

Gloves Type: Adventure Touring

Adventure riders have more specific requirements on the gloves. The varied terrain and weather environments require crossing over the gloves. They should provide comfort on long journeys and in such rough terrain. Also, be ventilated on hot summer days and retain heat during the cold spring and autumn days. More than anything must be inexpensive. Adventure gloves have a soft but intact skin on the palms and fingers. Thermal and water protection, an optional protection of the palm to keep the vibrations delivered by unevenness of the road and are reinforced-native knuckle.Strap Velcro to hold tight gloves on his hands.

 Gloves Type: Touring Gloves

Whatever makes ranged tourists, luxury touring bikes like Honda Goldwing and BMW GT1600 or more athletes Ducati Multistrada are unanimous in svya focus. Tumbling kilometer after kilometer in relative comfort no matter the time. For them suitable combined gloves between “track” and “adventure touring”. Comfortable, durable, elastic, beautiful and cover kitkata without look like taken from Moto GP. Leather with extra protection on the knuckles, palm pinky and the wrist. Reflective tape to increase visibility in bad weather, water-resistant. Plus is the built-in “cleaner” in gloves to clean the visor in rain.

Gloves Type: Track Day
This security requirements are highest. Additional efforts in the areas of knuckles, hand and wrist, the combination of different types of leather, carbon fiber, Kevlar, plastics, special threads and EVA foam are contributing to increased security. It is also important adhesion and handles the bike. Last but not least and comfort must be light and airy.