How to Choose Fishing Rod

Where to buy

If you have decided to buy a fishing rod to be devoted to this hobby, know that the price of this tool part of spinning rod from 30 euros to about ten times as much, depending on how it’s made, and even the brand of production.

If you are beginner, recently accustomed to this hobby, you can just buy a fishing rod that costs about 50 euros, and start with the indispensable accessories for fishing. And when you are more experienced, you can spend to buy a fishing pole better, along with other accessories. To have respectable ideal equipment is go to a store that specializes in fwishing.

Typically the staff here is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, so I will give you advice on which fishing rod to choose and which accessories to buy. To buy a fishing rod you can also go to a shopping mall, in the section dedicated to fishing, or even in stores of DIY and home improvement.

For example, Decathlon is a sports store that sells fishing rods, clothing and accessories for fishing. You can turn in one of the nearest points of sale, or even on the company’s official site.

The internet can be useful to find a fishing rod, both on specialized sites for fishing, both online markets. If you are lucky, you might even find rods used and in good condition, so you will save a lot of money. The same goes for accessories, which can be found on sites that sell them online.

To keep an eye on online auctions, where you often find good deals. Keep in mind that one must be added to the purchase price of the shipment.


Let us now review some brands of companies that manufacture fishing rods and accessories. An Italian company that produces high-quality articles is the Colmic.

Fishing rods built by this company are suitable for both beginners and veterans, and even accessories are guaranteed in quality, as are born of years of continuous research in the field. The company makes items using materials chosen and selected for that reason lately is expanding quite a bit.

The Olympus is a great company, whose brand is renowned for several years in the fisheries sector. Produces not only fishing rods for beginners and professional, but also a range of accessories such as fishing lines, hooks, etc.

Another company working in the field for some years is the Daiwa, whose rods are characterised by their robustness and quality, although there are also lighter and more manoeuvrable models, better suited for fishing as a hobby.

The Japanese company Shimano has years of experience in the field. Its products are always at the forefront in terms of technological innovation. Fishing poles, in particular, are made in such a way as to comply with the quality standards and are built with materials by the excellent quality.

Then we find the American company Fish Mitchell, serving fishing goods very innovative and competitive on the market. The products are safe and cared for in design and details.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive, there are other small and medium-sized manufacturers of fishing goods, also widely used and known locally, especially in places where fishing is widespread and practiced. Just consult the yellow pages to find those nearest to where you live, or to find the wholesale and retail outlets.

Enjoy fishing

Fishing is a pleasant and relaxing, that many also practice to enjoy the contact with nature. Also requires neither toil nor special efforts, and hence can be practiced by anyone, at any age.

There is regular fishing, for which fishing represents a real passion, and you are always aware of what affects that field, and who goes fishing from time to time, considering it as a sport.

The latter is generally not fish to consume, but just to spend some time immersed in the green of nature and relax. So I’m usually free the animals after they took the bait.

You can go fishing in the waters of the river, lake, sea. Before you buy the fishing rod is good to know what type of fishing you are oriented. It’s pretty widespread habit of fishing in private Lakes, where typically reared trout.

Usually what you fish is then thrown back into the water. The operator shall issue a permit to enter, but this is not a license (which is required when fishing in the waters of state ownership).

As for the actual license, there are three types. The B license is for amateurs, and does not involve the use of Whirlpool; the C license is suitable for those who want to fish by using more than one side of the scale, with no more than 1.5m, and it is 6 years.

The license is valid for 3 months, and can be used by foreigners. As also happens in the hunt, you can fish in any month of the year, and the ban affects some species in particular.

For example, the carp cannot be taken from 10 to 30 June, tench throughout the month of June, and so on. It is therefore advisable to inquire well on these prohibitions if you participate. Those who violate the provisions in force license usage will incur several penalties.

Fishing rod then and now

Also in the past fishing was an essential activity, which man had to eat, and thus ensure their survival. The rods used once were rudimentary tools, built with very simple materials, such as bamboo. By layering bamboo fishing pole was “refendu”.

Today these kinds of fishing are no longer used. Among the most used materials currently there is carbon, which allows to obtain very precise reading and fishing rods.

It’s very common “bolognese”, used for fishing floats in the sea, and how it is made is used to retrieve the fish of big size. The barrel is formed by a handle, a whirlpool and the ring. Typically the handle is made of Cork, and it is a type of fishing rod quite robust.

The “surf casting” is made of carbon fiber or titanium, is very flexible and elastic, and serves to hold off even the strongest fish! Equally handy and thin are the rods to practice “light casting”.

This type of fishing rod must be adapted to the size of those who practice this hobby. If you practice the sport fishing, the fishing rod must have more features (for example be shorter, with a lower weight at 20 pounds, with the curved handle).

Then there’s also the barrel “roubaisienne”, possessing a telescopic tip, is about 15 metres, we use while sitting. It is very suitable for fishing in streams.

There are also still fishing rods, which are immutable, and they are very stable. Typically this type of fishing rod can go deeper than the others, only that the launch cannot be very long. If fishing is practised on very large fish, then it will be necessary that the fishing rod is a higher power at 20 pounds.