How to Choose Lighting for a New Home

When you illuminate your home, you should try them, based on function and keep in mind that light portrays the room. Here are tips on what to consider when choosing lighting fixtures and puts out light sources.

You have seen a tough new ceiling of an interior design magazine and decide to strike. As you put it at home is not nearly as nice and do not give a damn room cozier.

– The most common mistake you make is buying a luminaire seen anywhere without thinking about how it looks on and how it works at home with just me, where I intended to place it. It says Tor Olsson who are professional lighting planners and operates Phosforos Lighting Design together with his colleague Jonas Werning.

We are also often too tradition-bound. We hang a strong ceiling in the middle of the room, for it has always been. We can then dazzled by the bright light and the eye strain. The walls are not lit and the room feels small. Close to the TV set can then no lights to get the right biostämningen. The result is eye fatigue because the eye has to work more when it becomes great contrasts, says Tor.

Glare is the most important of lighting principles. You dazzled, for example, when there is a large difference between the light from the light spot and the surrounding area.

Several points of light makes the room more lively. A single strong ceiling light can cause glare, but if you instead choose to have the four lower lamps along the walls, avoid glare and get a totally different view of the room, says Tor.

You should see the illuminated areas when you walk into a room, not the light sources. Several weaker light sources is thus another of lighting principles. With several different light sources create too light contrasts, a play of light and shadow.

– This is also a principle to follow to get the atmosphere and living room, says Tor.

The larger the room, the more you need light sources. But with several, I mean just the right number. Of course, you should use common sense and not go to extremes.

Having a bright spot per torque, thus starting function is another good principle. Where do I need light to perform different operations?

Here is surface mounted spotlights in the closet so that you look better when you pick clothes.

The requirements are different in the living room and at the workplace. In the living room you want soft, indoor lighting, but perhaps not always. When flexibility is another key.
– A dimmer solves many of these problems, says Tor. And then I think you should choose a simple dimming of good quality where you just need to screw to light the lamp.

Good lighting is also about having the right armature positioned in the right place. There are many types of fixtures to choose from. In the “Light Book” by Elisabeth Wilhide, you will find both a review of lighting principles and describes various luminaires advantages and disadvantages.

An uplighter is a fixture that lights up and use the roof as a huge reflector. Therefore, it provides a soft, diffused and atmospheric lighting. It works best in rooms with high ceilings.

Downlights,as we often call recessed spotlights, the light is directed downward from a high-placed source. They are ideal for creating concentrated light for workspaces, and are common in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, where you need a discreet but effective lighting. A downlight can be fixed or pivotable and having a narrow or the light beam. The best downlight is that it is discreet and the built-in roof forms the no own style. Therefore, it fits well into any interior. The disadvantage of downlights is that it is inflexible – it sits where it sits. Furnishes you if you cannot move with the lights. Therefore, it is best to place them only in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, where flexibility is not necessary.

Downlights the stairs so as not to stumble in the dark.

Another disadvantage with downlights is that they tend to illuminate horizontal surfaces, such as tables, at the expense of the vertical surfaces such as walls. The atmosphere can be a bit commercial. Downlights can be usefully supplemented by other sources. One solution might be to buy directional downlights and vary them so that some brushing against the wall surface. At the place they work, however, and has several advantages. You get no light in the ceiling, but the light is pressed against the floor. They fit well where you have a low ceiling, and does not want to take up space with fixtures. A spotlight has traditionally been used to inform scenes and shops, but now we have spotlights even in homes. The spotlight is a reflector which gives a light beam of less than 30 degrees. Colloquially say spotlights on all fixtures emitting a direct beam. Spotlights emit an unrivaled accent lighting. Luminaires with two or three assembled spotlights are a good alternative to the central lighting. They are also good as task lighting in the kitchen. They are not recommended in the bathroom, where splash risk is great.

Wall lighting gives a mildly reflective light. It can be mounted as an uplighter, but usually spreads light all around. Wall lighting gives a subtle background light that is glare, soothing and restful. Wall luminaires do well in pairs, for example, one on each side of the sofa or bed. In combination with dimmer lighting gives the wall an interesting and flexible light in the hall, living room, dining room and bedroom.

Central luminaires usually seen with disapproval by the lighting planners. They provide a bright light thrown from the top a single luminaire. Many of the fixtures does not provide exciting contrasts between light and shadow, but a flat and indistinct light. The eye has a static focus on the center of the room, rather than points of light at different levels. If you want a central lighting, you should try to find a way to incorporate it into the other room lighting in a nice way. Central dome is obviously good to have in situations where the atmosphere is not necessary; in the basement, storage room or garage. If you want a lamp in an ordinary room, you should think about doing it the right way. The center can not be too light and lighting to match the room’s style and furnishings. Ceiling lighting should be combined with various targeted light and bright at lower levels.

Table lamps can be discreet and inconspicuous, but for the most part, they represent a style or idea. The light is thrown towards the lamp base which is a decorative item itself. By highlighting specific points, you get a calming, homey and intimate light.

Floor lampm is on the way back. It is a standing luminaire at eye level that is removable, which is good when you redecorate. With a high luminaire can restrict the lighting to an armchair or sofa. Floor lamp also breaks the horizontal emphasis, where both light and furniture are on the same level.

How should I think about when I choose lighting to different rooms?

– In the living room if you want more bright spots than in a kitchen, says Tor. You do of course not go to extremes, but certainly not the only one lamp. You should consciously work with light distribution, light up some parts and allow others to be a bit darker. Contrasts create ambience. I think the picture lighting in different forms is good. It would not have to try different, highlighting the top, bottom, maybe try a spotlight in an unexpected place. It is good to have some dim light near the TV, so it does not become so large contrasts between light and dark when the TV is on, Tor continues.

In the kitchen, you want to have finprecision, see exactly what you do and do then have a higher light level than the living room. Good lighting here is recessed halogen or fluorescent lamps. Tor emphasizes that it is important not to shadow what you are doing. The same applies to the workroom, where a good general lighting should be supplemented with a desk luminaire. If you are right-handed, the light coming from the left to the hand should not overshadow it you work with.

Garden lighting can be divided into functional lighting and decorative lighting. Functional lighting is the one that helps us to see and orient ourselves, for example, at entrances, driveways or along once.

– It is common that we get into dazzle. Often we make mistakes and choose a traditional lantern, whether we like it or not. The result can easily be that you only get dazzled when watching it.

– I also think that you should be aware that the lamp luminaires does not fit with any architecture. Instead, you can for example choose a luminaire that provides a downward light, where the light is not naked. If you choose a fixture on the pole, it is important to consider which pole height to wear. It is post high spread certainly light anymore, but the light can then also be perceived as too big in relation to the house. Its post 1.5 meters, that is too low, it just looks funny. This applies to the pole height fit into the scale.

Decorative lighting primary purpose is to be beautiful and Tor think we are too frugal with decorative lighting here in Sweden. If you want to decorate with lights are virtually no limits to what you can do. You can choose to highlight something beautiful in the garden, maybe a välvuxet trees, a discount or why not the facade. You can put lights in takuthänget or something collapsed onto the ground. But one should remember not to get light through the window. To have a successful outdoor lighting have to try things out. Go around the garden with a lamp and try to light from different directions, is Thor’s advice.

The same applies when you put lighting indoors. Try it out. When you buy a lamp in the store, ask to borrow it and try before you purchase. Taking money is another variation. Go to a store where you can get personal contact, so you can change if you are not satisfied. It takes knowledge to go into a lighting store and make a good buy. It is very light in lampaffären and 500 lights simultaneously. The conditions when you come home with the lamp is completely different.

Phosforos lighting design helps individuals across the country with garden lights. It costs from 1200 dollars and up, depending on how much help you need. Read more on the website of