How To Choose Toys Montessori-Friendly

One of the questions that most parents make me often is about which toys choose for kids and is a question so hard to answer as that shirt to wear or that car I bought, because each have different needs and we can only discover their needs through active observation. Today I explain my view in this regard, which is a summary overview-very-a lesson of the Montessorizate!

and I also offer you a list to choose toys “Montessori friendly”, which I hope is timeless and worth for you meet and indicated next Christmas XD the difference between a toy and a Montessori material is notable, but there are toys, without being Montessori on the market very well combined with the application of this teaching at home. And that’ll talk today  and don’t forget to give them experiences, presence and time together.

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Normally, toys tend to perform two functions: entertain the child during a certain period of time and enable them to develop a skill. We must choose to always (I mean, until they allow us jijiji) above the first seconds.

It is preferable to provide the child more than temporary entertainment and enable them to explore the relationship causal (as it might be the typical plastic with thousand buttons and sounds toy, yes that I always gave my nieces and nephews because at the time I loved them, but then remained aside, with exceptions that I’ve also seen with my daughters) and depending on their age the following: Know the world through touch and sight when they are born, then develop the refinement of the senses, and finally a series of capabilities and concentration – a memory, a puzzle – and the internalization of norms – games table-a little later.

The other day I spoke of which would be the most suitable materials to offer kids according to the Montessori method with toys goes a little alike (without losing sight that for Montessori play and work is the same): must offer them, especially to children under three years of age, following the Montessori principle of reality, toys inspired by the reality instead of fantasy (I.e. better to avoid a Blue Giraffe or a cat (green…)

In my opinion if you must offer also symbolic to the children, because they are allowed a unstructured, imaginative game play, so necessary for the development of creativity and the resolution of conflicts by themselves when playing in company, even in children of different ages:

In addition, in the case of a cloth baby doll, allows them to imitate our actions with them or their little brothers: bathe them, feed them eating, comfort them if they cry, dress them up and undress them… Autonomy and empathy, right? Or a toy for… sweeping brush. Where is the border between symbolic play and life practice/grace and courtesy?

Exactly the same happens with a collection of replicas of animals, a House of dolls or a circuit of trains, you will learn many things (biology, vocabulary, physics,…), which is the border between play and learning? The child does not exist. And should not exist for us, therefore the term educational toy makes me teeth grinding.

Of course we cannot forget of toys that are not symbolic play but highly recommended as the blocks of buildings, both in its classic version, in cute colors wood, as in “modern” version, cool legos (choose preferably those that allow to build freely and not with a particular purpose). Not to mention that materials de-structured as stones, sticks, water and sand are great for kids.

Of table games gives to speak long and laying, why MachoAlfa has its own section XD is preparing a post for you as soon as it has less workload.

Without sensory play, taking into account the foreground of development compare gambled on the refinement of the senses for the good development of the absorbent mind, I cannot include it:

Then I make a selection of toys with the mere intention of illustrate the post and give you ideas for your little ones always following these 5 maximum, always understood ‘better’ as a normal general that adapt to the specific context:

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Note 2: you I’m going to ask what to do when the kids already have the ability to choose their own toys, because already I explained here, balance is what touches, themselves realize what are toys that really allow them to play hour and hours, but unfortunately it is trial and error and advertising puts a terrible pressure.Balance, no can say otherwise. Well Yes, that grandparents will them give away two bags of Frozen makeup (soil derived these requests XDDDD) and all happy  as my mother she “it will not remove the whim”, that is the work of grandparents, pamper and spoil

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