How To Choose Your Glasses

An optical specialist is the best person to guide you in choosing a frame, because several factors affect: the type of correction to be made (myopia, hypermetropia, etc), shape of the face, hair and eye color, your personal style, among others.

The format of the frame needs to match the shape of your face;

If necessary, get help with an optical professional;

In General, the colorful frames are best suited for bold personalities because they call more attention;

Black Frames, more serious, are well marked and fall better in people Brunettes;

White Lensesare recommended to not accentuate wrinkles or compromising female makeup;

Ideally the frame finish a few millimeters below the eyebrows, because they comprise your expression and should be visible;

For very strong myopic, the kind of set-up helps the “disguise” the thickness of the lens. The indicated are small frames, with RIM, and this is a certain thickness. The high technology of the ophthalmic lenses today helps a lot. Already the “nylon” (with only hoop on top) and the “3 pieces” (where there is no Hoop and the stem is attached directly on the lens) are not listed because they emphasize even more the thickness of the lens;

Anti-glare lenses let your free look, allowing you to keep eye contact with people;

The women must be careful to harmonize the style and/or color between frame, makeup, accessories and clothes;

Simplyyellowpages recommends you to change the frame of your glasses from time to time, change the look and the result in your appearance is very effective: more formal, sports, delicate, striking, etc.