How to Choose Your Running in Summer Clothes?

Approaching heat and don’t know what to wear to go running?

They are already beginning to raise temperatures and this gives more desire to go running more frequently or not, start running. Once we have decided to begin to run, we should choose the clothes running to not pass heat and enjoy of our career.

We have to choose clothes from running us comfortable very to carry, with which we have freedom of movement and that is also breathable. This is very important to maintain body temperature and not pass heat because of the set that we have chosen.

Why is important to choose a suitable set to go running when it gets hot.

What will we get to go running?


We will seek to cloose amisetas so that the air can circulate better and can be strapless, although there are brokers/as who prefer t-shirts short by aesthetics. A detail to take into account will also be the choice of the color of the shirt, look for light colors trying to escape from dark colors like black.


We have the option of using a mesh, that we will have to come tight to avoid friction, we will have to take into account the breathability to offer us screens as its technology (Equarea, dry fit, etc.), or shorts, to be more open from the side and short offering us more ventilation.

Last but not less important is to choose a correct Accessories how an Cap or a visor to protect us from the Sun and put on sunscreen to prevent the “dark runner”

Now just going out to enjoy every mile!