How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag?


A good sleeping bag must ensure an optimal exchange of heat and moisture in the body and its environment. A good comforting and relaxing sleep only possible in a warm and dry place. To achieve this the bag must have a careful balance between the following elements.

How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Thermal properties.

The best thermal qualities of a SAC achieved directly with the choice of suitable tissue and the use of the best feather filling. Feather insulation capacity is determined by a capacity for expansion. An optimal high resilience and a minimum weight are essential for any high quality sleeping bag.

Breathability and air permeability, water repellence.

Since a healthy human body perspiration is between 0.75 to 1.5 liters of water vapor long lasting dream, it is essential that all that moisture is transported correctly from the inside of the bag outwards to prevent its condensation inside the sleeping bag. To achieve this objective, it is essential that the SAC has a good structure in its preparation and that the materials used in its construction are optimally chosen to facilitate breathability. WARMPEACE applies or repellent treatment to the water in the Outer fabric that prevents moisture from outside from entering the inside of the bag. In addition certain type of effects mecha and dispersion of the treatments help improve capacity bag to transport the vapour to the outside. The capacity of the SAC to adsorb some amount of humidity expressed in grams of water, this light moisture may go unnoticed to be deposited a “micro structure of filling” possessing the sack. All these properties ensure a microclimate optimal within the SAC, which is essential to ensure adequate rest.

Weight and volume.

Low weight and low volume are determining factors in the versatility of a sleeping bag. The choice of one or other specific materials are determined according to the intended for each model of bag use.

Temperature limits.

Laboratories indicates 4 temperatures.

  • You continue maximum, is the temperature in which the SAC ceases to be comfortable but is too much for this temperature.
    In the case of reaching this temperature simply open the bag zipper.
  • Comfort temperature, is the temperature in which in theory we will sleep more at ease within the SAC.
  • Temperature limit, is the lowest temperature that in theory we could sleep in the case without going cold.
  • Temperature, is the temperature which, in theory, we could sleep inside the bag without suffering frostbite.

Temperature limits are marked by the laboratory, standard EN13537. These are calculated for a human body in optimal conditions. It does not consider the perspiration or moisture in the environment variations and does not indicate the capacity of perspiration of the SAC. Nor do they take into account the physical state of the user… We could say that these four temperatures serve as orientation when choosing a bag, but should not be decisive.