How To Combine Your Jeans To Give A Special Touch

The Cowboys are one of the most versatile clothes that exist. Unless they have a very striking color or a very large print, they are a basic garment;the rest of the outfitwe build on top of them.

Why we must pay them attention and, according to Lévis, do not wash them for months. Luz de Moda we want to give you some tips and tricks about combining your jeans and give them a special touch so you never tire of taking them.

Jeans sexy

Shirt buttons and American-This is the most typical combination for the Cowboys, only surpassed by the white t-shirt and the Converse. But you can give a twist to this look of office with American’s stronger than the black colors or patterned blouses. If you are not the zebra and Leopard, here the moles, lines and flowers. Find the winning combination!

Jersey over shirt-if you are looking for something chic and timeless, put on a shirt buttons and over a basic sweater. If you combine colors cake with a cowboy clear and cutting boyfriend, have a look very comfortable and always fashionable.

Striking blouses – buy compulsively and plunge headlong into a new fashion sometimes takes us to accumulate certain garments that are in the closet because we don’t really know how. These tops with designs like lace or striking or rather rare fabrics, cuts and some synthetic material, are fabulous with jeans. Try and you’ll see as bodice gives style to the vaquero and cowboy lowers the tone of the blouse. It is a round look .

Cowboy+leather=winning combination -you don’t have to be a genius to know it, but it is something that we often forget: the leather and cowboy were made for the other. And the best thing of this fashionista love story is that there may be millions of ways: jeans vest or lollipop leather waistcoat cowboy with mini leather, cowboy boyfriend with leather boots, anything with a leather bag… Simply perfect.

Forget the belt – leather and rock bands t-shirts not be yours in the end and after. Then try to give your jeans an air hippie boho with a tissue instead of belt. Choose one thin and long and try to leave it hanging or to make a loop on one side. Subtraction casual and very adorable.

Enséñalo todo – Todo el vaquero, claro está. Prueba a meter la blusa, la camiseta o la camisa que lleves por dentro del pantalón. Puedes hacerlo solo por delante, por toda la cintura o solo a un lado, según el efecto que quieras conseguir. Este pequeño gesto levanta instantáneamente cualquier look y lo hace digno de ser colgado en un blog de moda.

A grandes males, grandes DIYs – Si ninguno de los consejos anteriores te convence del todo, es hora de sacar el costurero y hacer un poco de DIY (hazlo tú misma). Si te sobran ganas y habilidades, transforma tus vaqueros con parches, patchwork, estampados o rasgados, puedes teñirlos o desteñirlos y cortarles los bajos para crear capris o shorts. Hasta puedes convertirlos en una falda si realmente te has rendido con los jeans.

Esperamos que estos consejos te sean útiles y les des una nueva vida a ese par de vaqueros que tanto te gustan. Y si son de verdad una causa perdida, ¡pásate por nuestra sección de Jeans y encuentra unos que te gusten más!