How to Decorate the Dining Room Table

A dining table can have multiple functions in a House, depending on the lifestyle of each person. Can be the chosen area to receive guests, playing only this function, or can even be a common area the whole family, used to the daily meals or gathering.

Regardless of the number of times that uses your dining room in the House, there are many ways to decorate the table. Some people like to decorate the dinner table for special occasions with luxurious and expensive objects, however, it is possible to decorate the table with beautiful accessories, which although cheaper, will make all the difference in decoration end and the general atmosphere of the environment.

Just a little creativity and originality to astonish so much more special guests, as their relatives with a beautiful and elegant decoration of the dining table.

Get to know some simple tips and affordable to decorate the table your home dining.

Tips for Decorating the Dining Table

1.The simplest and quick to change the atmosphere of the dining room and bring more color to the table is to use a beautiful and unique towel. Although some more refined fabrics, towels can be quite expensive, the truth is that with some searching and persistence, combined with a large dose of patience, if you can find good alternatives cheaper and equally showy.

2.If you know how to sew can also buy a beautiful fabric of your liking and make your own personalized towel. Remember that the important thing is that the decoration of the table reflect your personality and personal tastes. The tissue and towel you choose will be the basis for any style of decor. If you prefer a simple towel with a brighter finish, choose to choose a solid color fabric. Most special occasions, like parties or formal dinners, should choose towels with a more satin finish, in materials like silk, organza or even linen.

3.If there is a table with glass top, cover it with a towel is not the best option, because in this way you will not be able to take advantage of your great beauty. Alternatively use elegant individual or even a run-table. Are available in various colors, materials and styles, so it is easy to find one that you like and combine perfectly with the decor of the room. For less formal occasions, such as a simple family meal, opt for plastic because individual are very easy to clean. On special occasions, you can use individual cotton, jute or flax.

4.Use plants, flowers or even fresh fruit to make beautiful arrangements and table centres. Another viable option is to use a pretty jar filled with some dried flowers or cones. These arrangements apart from providing a pleasant aroma throughout the meal, are also a good decorative option for any table.

5.If you want a more intimate and romantic decor, can choose to decorate the dinner table with some candles. There are several models of candles for decoration, since finer and elegant candles, thicker candles with different colors and even relief. Choose to put the candles in the center of the table a few centimeters below the level of the eyes. In informal dinners with family and friends, prefer smaller candles and simple. In more formal dinners, prefer using higher and elegant candles to decorate the table. Alternatively you can also use a pretty centerpiece with candles floating in a clear container.