How to Design a Women’s Soccer Jersey

Football shirts are worn by men and women across the country in support of a favorite team or to play soccer. These pieces of comfortable clothes are often made of breathable and comfortable materials. Unfortunately, soccer jerseys are usually made in projects that are suitable for men, but lacking in fashion for women. Designing a shirt supporting the team and it’s made by a woman can make wearing the shirt fun.



Look at pictures of reference or a team shirt and study designs for men. The projects will have a color and specific pattern associated with a specific team. The design and layout of basic colors cannot change in the female shirt.


Consider possible decorations to add to the project in Jersey that will look feminine without changing the basic color schemes or drawings. Details such as sequins, rhinestones or similar small objects are usually a good choice, according to youremailverifier.


Draw a basic design, using the design of the original men of a layout and then adding decorations and cuts that fit the taste and type of a woman’s body. Cutting a woman should narrow in the waist. Add as favorite decorations representing various materials, such as sequins or beads.