How to Dress for Overweight

Looking at the skinny girls on the pages of glossy magazines with many girls start curve complexes and sit on a strict diet. However, it is not mandatory. After all, to look slimmer, simply choose appropriate clothing.

Styles and Models of Costumes for Obese Women

Even if you are determined to lose weight, do it quickly is unlikely to succeed, and to look elegant and beautiful always desirable. So please read our tips to help you visually lose a few kilos and emphasize the dignity of the figure:

  • If you are looking for a business suit for obese women look for options with a pencil skirt. Such models are knee length visually make you taller and slimmer. But the choice must come carefully makes skirts.
  • If you are looking for a combination remember that costumes for women with full trousers are very understated or overstated waist accentuate its curved shape. So stop your choice of models of classic styles, apparently flared model.
  • Another assistant, who will make you taller and thinner – high heels or shoes Wedge-currents. Try to select models in the color of the bottom of the dress.
  • Whatever model the suit for full you choose, the most it has a jacket or vest. Their length should be above the hip, because there are too many opportunities to create things effect “on the shoulder of someone else” and you make below.
  • In the wardrobe of every woman forms must be present classic black dress suit for obese women with V-neck. Add to this the image of accessories simple form and looks very feminine and elegant.
  • This is advantageous for ladies with curved look of safari length dress below the knee. In this way you can add a wide belt, a bright silk scarf and, by necessity, shoes high heel stable.
  • Choosing to meet blouse note poluprytalennыe model. Also try to choose a model with long sleeves or sleeves 3/4, these cuts will cover the arms for completeness. A natural materials (such as walking, linen or cotton) will allow you to feel comfortable in any situation.
  • Avoid unnecessary details, such as large pockets or collar is too bright. And elements like ruffles or ruffles collar not only visually by adding extra weight, but will decrease.

How to Choose the Right Material and Color

Ideal colors of dresses and suits for ladies full – dark fabric with a vertical pattern. But in any case should not be limited to black. Very stylish ladies with appetizing forms will look gray suits, dark brown and brown colors. In the summer I prefer bright colors as often dark colors look silly on a hot summer day. Create combinations of natural materials such as silk, cotton or linen. For example, very comfortable and stylish option – Capris linen tunic and light with a small floral pattern.
Correct accents help vivid details of your dress. The owners can advise the most beautiful breasts dark dress with blond bodice.
Be careful when buying clothes for women finish made of fabrics such as mohair, angora or corduroy because these materials will give you a few extra kilos.
And most importantly – always remember that in any form must attend accents. So, is not limited to a single color scheme, try to combine your clothes two to three colors together.