How to Dress If You are Fat

Curvy fashion is specifically designed for ladies with a few extra pounds. Here are the recommendations to dress well even overweight.

The weight is always a big deal, especially when the extra pounds do not allow us to look at ourselves in the mirror serenely. How to dress if you are fat? You can choose from many different looks. It is important to avoid some minor mistakes that may not enhance it properly and take advantage of the curvy fashion, which in recent years has carved out an important place in the fashion world.

A shapely body should be a body to be proud of, so don’t mortifichiamolo and above all we learn to take our chili with a smile. So here’s how to organize our wardrobe: we rely on dark garments, at least for skirts and pants, because it will allow us to slim the figure, especially in the most critical points, like the hips and belly.

The skirts are ideal 50s style with elastic waistband. Very well even the skirt and dress, while avoid those that are too short and folds. As for the pants, low rise forbidden because it tends to cut the side highlighting any flab. Better a high-waisted pants, possibly a little body. For the leg, no problem: a cigarette or straight, according to taste. Shorts and capris are not recommended.

Above you can quietly, wearing shirts or t-shirts, even a bit clingy, so that model the forms. Avoid the fantasies that tend to dilate: no so the animal print and horizontal lines, while you might dare vertical lines. Lists the top and long cardigan, so to hide a bit on the side.

Curvy fashion also has many dresses: beautiful shirtless. I recommend if you are choosing an outfit, remember the directions (above) for the skirt. We come now to the shoes, which by the way are the real protagonists: a pair of heels will take at least a couple of pounds. Don’t ever let them down. Avoid flats, sandals and flat sandals, which not only crush the figure, the widening. Prefer, rather, one boot.

Claim: the leggings are those who once were called nylons and aren’t good at all. If you have a larger size to 44, would avoid them. You are allowed only under clothes, very long mesh minidress, instead of stockings. In this case, are clever and fun clothing. Banned with short link and fantasies.

Beauty Advice: wear long hair and smooth, avoiding short and especially the headband. You prefer a natural makeup, blending very the face with a beautiful land and using lipstick mat.