How To Dress Straight Dress

The straight silhouette was marked in the late 60’s, where women abandoned the round dresses that marked the waist, to invest in a shape shorter and shorter. More precisely in the year 1965, in France, the designer André Courrèges revolutionized the world of fashion with his collection known as “moon girls”, space clothes with straight lines, miniskirts, white boots and metallic.

After the fever of super glued dresses, the female silhouette is lighter and more comfortable. In addition to being a joker piece, the dress is suitable for any body type, as it does not show any specific curve. A relief for the ladybug is not it? After all, no one deserves to go without eating a candy bar just to wear a bandage dress. With some tips it is possible to create elegant looks for various occasions using the straight cut dress. Check it:

Who Works For

Because it is a straight and short cut dress, this model works for all women, as long as combined with the correct shoe and accessories. It is necessary to remember that the length of the dress has to finish above or at the height of the knees not to leave the silhouette flattened.

For women who are overweight, or want to hide the grease, the tip is to make an overlap of the dress straight with a brushed blazer. Calling attention to the lap or neckline of the dress wearing scarves and maxi necklaces is also a great way to cherish the hottest women.

For skinny or small-breasted women, the straight dress can be a good way out to make the body bulky. Already the small ones that wish to extend the silhouette must invest in jump shoes in the nude color. And for the taller ones, a shoe that contrasts with the color of the skin and the dress.

How To Create Looks Using Straight Dress

Are you in doubt or do not know how to match pieces to create a look using straight dress? So check out 4 inspirations for you to ride yours.

For work, the straight dress can be used in several ways. If your work is more formal, opt for a classic shoe like black and scarpin and combine with neutral accessories. If you can invest in more comfortable pieces, opt for the sneaker and match it with a large purse with tied handkerchief.

Straight dress white, black and blue – Mandi for R $ 207,29 at OQvestir Store, black scarpin – Schutz for R $ 300 at OQvestir Store and necklace graphite – Mônica Di Credd for R $ 319 at Dafiti Store.

The term “less is more” fits perfectly for straight cut dresses. If the occasion is a formal party or dinner, better yet. As the dress has a classic and elegant cut, just combine it with a heel sandal and a powerful accessory, such as an earring with stones, for example.

Straight coral dress – MNG Barcelona for R $ 126 at Dafiti Store, stone earring – Raphael Falci for R $ 198 at OQvestir Store and sandal – Schutz for R $ 200 at OQvestir Store.

For the day-to-day the look has to be practical and comfortable, is not it? So wrap in lightweight and patterned fabrics to create a fun and cozy look. To match, small crate and crate purse are great.

Straight dress with leopard print – Pink Connection for $ 95 at Dafiti Store, gold chain sweater – Market 33 for $ 159 at OQvestir Store and purse – Five Blu for $ 90 at Dafiti Store.

And finally, if the occasion chosen to use the straight dress is for the ballad, capriche in the accessories. Choose a neutral colored dress and add accessories with sparkles and stones, like the sandal and clutch chosen above.

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Who Wears Straight Dress

Several celebrities and successful personalities in the fashion world have already joined the dress with straight cut. Check out who they are with PINCKARDDRESS