How To Hide Wide Hips with Skirts

Wide hips? Hide them under their skirts. Here are 4 simple tips and many models who value you.

The skirts are the female leader par excellence, but in addition to adding a chic touch to the outfit, they can also help you hide a pair of wide hips, making the harmonic silhouettes.

Here’s how to choose the right models and small precautions to be taken in front of the closet.

Here we go again: as every morning you are in front of the closet and do not know what to put.

Would like to take that beautiful skirt bought in balance courting for months but, having wide hips, you are attempting to hide from beneath quite a few blacks pants and a long blouse. Ok, this is not the right solution.

The skirts, in fact, are not only friends of those rare specimens of creatures from the heavenly beauty and perfectly formed.

Even if you have a few more inches below the waist, you can afford to show off your legs.

Just follow a few little advice.

1. Yes comfort

We start from the choice of model.

always opt for skirts that caress the body, never wrap it too much or force it.

In this way, the forms will be just mentioned and will look more harmonious.

In addition, you can move without any problem and be able to breathe easily. The flared skirts 50s style, for example, are ideal.

2. Beware of Color

We all know: black slims and why it has become the best friend of women.

This does not mean, though, that you must always be dressed cheerful widows, 12 months a year.

During the summer, for example, you can also dare with other colors “friends.”

The dark purple, midnight blue and emerald green are valid alternatives, to be used to add a touch of cheeky joy to everyday look, without fear of highlighting the weak points.

3. Play with accessories

If you want to show off a skirt without, however, focus attention on the hips, the accessories are your allies.

A belt under the breast, for example, will focus on high-starts the body, it makes you appear longer and bust slancerà the whole figure.

Mica male vero?

4. Always ensure the heel

At the very thought of having to wear for more than ten minutes shudder, but the heels are some real magical powers, we pay a high price, but give great satisfaction in the mirror.

Wearing them succeed, those with 8/10 centimeters more, to look really thinner and even the hips appear slimmer.

By day you can replace them with the most comfortable wedges and if you really can not keep them on for so long, you just put in your bag a pair of ballet flats and do the strategic change just finished the business appointment or a meeting with a guy I love it.