How to Maintain an RC Track

After running RC cars for years, some runners start thinking about opening their own race track. There are a number of benefits associated with ownership of the track, but the owners also need to consider how they will maintain their track.After all, people expect a good track once they get there. Instructions.

How to Maintain an RC Track

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Check for damage as often as possible.Damage can come from track workers, runners or even RC cars themselves.

Fill any holes you find. Holes in the track can make for rough race and cause damage to RC cars.

Use water before the race to provide traction and keep the packed dirt. This should be added to your pre-race routine maintenance to keep them satisfied runners.

host training sessions open to the track. As RC cars run on the track, it will cause the dirt to smooth and pack, allowing a better race.

Review all limits to ensure they are in relatively good shape. While it seems like a simple concept, many track owners forget this simple maintenance trick.

Make sure the roof of your building is not leaking, if you use an outdoor track. A leaky roof can leave puddles on your track.

Ask riders on the track for advice or opinions. This can be an easy way to learn what areas of your need to track and improve what your customers like to see.