How to Make a Mix of Lipsticks

I would like to create new shades of lipstick at any time? A woman is never satisfied with the amount of makeup you have, since it always new trends are emerging. Create original and innovative colours is possible through the blending of the shades you already have around the house. In addition, you can try out various combinations and create an inventory of your favorites, so that you do not have to mix it up whenever you want to wear this look. This is a way to renew our makeup without having to spend any money, using only products that we already have at home.

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  1. Combinations

To do a mix of lipsticks, you must be able to anticipate the result in order to prevent visual get too heavy or that the color stay little appealing. If you’re looking for new shades of pink, for example, adding red leaves more open and clear tone, while for a closed ideal is to add a bit of lipstick wine.

Check out this list makes you can understand what the tones that produces blending the colours more common in female makeup bags:

  • Lipstickpink color of mouth: 1 layer of lipstick nude + 1 layer of red lipstick + 1 layer of nude
  • Lipstick color: grape purple lipstick tier 1 + some pat of brown lipstick with your fingers
  • Cherry red lipstick: 1 layer of red lipstick + 1 layer of lipstick purple
  • Lipstick pink: 2 layers of lipstick nude + some Pat of red lipstick with your fingers
  • Lipstick wine: 1 layer of Brown lipstick + 1 layer of red lipstick
  • Magenta lipstick: 1 layer of red lipstick + 1 layer of lipstick purple + 2 layers of lipstick nude
  • Purple Lipstick: 2 layers of lipstick nude + some lipstick purple Pat with your fingers
  • Lipstick vamp wine: 1 layer of lipstick purple + 1 layer of lipstick + 2 pat brown of red lipstick with your fingers
  • Lipstick copper Brown: brown lipstick layer 1 + 2 Pat of red lipstick with your fingers

However, keep in mind that create their own custom colors is a lot more fun and original.

  1. Step by Step
    1. Direct application: There are several ways to mix lipstick. You can apply directly on the lips, but runs the risk of blurring the tones and make a mess, leaving the stick with different tones. For this, the ideal is to pass the lipsticks on the back of the hand and, with the help of a brush, get applying. Apply a first and second later, instead of mixing the two tones in the hands. As seen in the preceding list, the order of application is also important.
    2. Mix in the palette: To blend the shades in the palette, start by choosing your base color a little lipstick. Scratch that tone to a palette, and choose one or more colors that you want to add. Scrape these shades to the same palette where you put the base color. Add a bit of petroleum jelly in the form of ointment to the mix and merge everything really well. The finish will be brilliant, but if you prefer you can leave it matte later. After use, store the mixture by closing the pallet.
  2. Finishes

Adding a bit of Vaseline to the mix, your lip palette will be more bright. You can also put a little transparent gloss over the mix of lipsticks so that the result is a lip even more wet.

If you’re a fan of lipstick well shiny, can add a bit of glitter to the mix of lipsticks and vaseline. Don’t forget that the more glitter, more bright pigments add your lipstick will be mixed.

If the finish of your lipstick is bright and you prefer to let it opaque, visit this article to learn how to make matte lipstick.

  1. Tips
    • To highlight colors, prefer to spend a little bit of concealer to delete the lip before applying the lipstick.
    • If you are going to use matte shades, make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated to avoid cracks and dry aspect. Learn how to make an exfoliating lipswith these tips.
    • If necessary, you can use a bit of concealer to leave any mixture of lighter lipsticks.
    • When to apply the lipstick, look for smiling at the product penetrates the cracks on the lips, leaving a uniform coverage.
    • To enhance the lips, apply lipstick shades lighter than the color at the center of the lip.
    • To create the appearance of smaller lips, apply darker colors in the center and clear up the ends.