How to Make a Pillow Case

Ah idleness! naps! Go back to sleep in the morning when the alarm went off !!!That could not be more pleasant.


But life is calling! So before you can lay your head on the duvet cover, you will be able to make it and the dream.
They nicely accompany a duvet cover you will find the article on how to make a duvet cover?
She is not beautiful life?

Stages of completion


For a pillowcase: . Cut the fabric first in a 70cm x 70cm square of cloth.Then cut a rectangle 70cm by 80 cm
For good measures, help you rule 1 meter and tailor chalk, let you draw your lines of squares.
Pin the two pieces of fabric place against place.


Overcast the two parts after removing the pins and after setting the sewing machine on the zigzag stitch at level 3.
Then turn both parts and machine wash at 60 ° to remove the primer tissue .
Note that some cotton fabrics during the first wash slightly from where the shrink cm more marked in supplies.
dry the Overlock parts and iron them.


Pin back the two parts of fabric that they do not move during sewing.

Fold the 10 cm of the second piece of fabric on the outside of the pillowcase and on the back and helping you of your machine sewing you have set to straight stitch No. 4 poke the 3 sides of fabric leaving the opening with the flap.
Turn the pillowcase (sewing on the spot should not be visible) and insert the pillow inside.
Follow remzfamily, you can make one second pillow in the same way.