How To Make Emergency Calls When Your Phone Is Locked

Save your phone number to call in an emergency and do it with the name Aa so that it is easy to find by a stranger. This classic tip is difficult to apply to most smartphones. Unless you know these tricks.

The idea is good and both the Red Cross and the Ministry of Interior promoted it for everyone to know:

Between your mobile contacts,save under the name Aa the number of the person to contactifsomething happens to you (your parents, your partner, your children …).

In this way, even if you lose the knowledge it will be possible tocall your own and inform them of your situation. The important thing was to popularize the notion that the number Aa (“Alert to”) is synonymous with emergency contact.

And then came the smartphones with their screenshots (either with pattern or PIN), which make it impossible for a stranger to check your schedule.A difficulty that can be saved with thesetricks for rescuers.

1. Use The ICE Function

Stands for In Case of Emergency (In Case of Emergency). There are mobiles that, even blocked, allow you to call both the 112 and all the numbers you designate as ICE:

This function does not depend on the operating system but on the brand of your phone.

For example, in Samsung and Sony just have toconsult your Contactsand you will see that the first of all (alphabetically) isICE->click and select your emergency contacts.

On some models it even allows you to add extra information (if you are allergic to something, if you are taking any medication…).

In other brands (for example BQ) you must go toSettings-> Security- In case of emergency.

2. Put A Message On The Lock Screen

All smartphones allow you to display a text message on the lock screen.It is a somewhat rudimentary system, sinceyour rescuer must use his own mobile to call, typing by hand the number that you have put in the message.

It is done fromSettings> Security> Owner Information:

3. How To Do It On An Iphone

With the screen locked, you slide your finger from left to right to unlock. TheSOS functionalso appears on the screen to enter the PIN.Click here-> from “Medical data” it is possible to call emergency contacts.

To configure this function, you have to open the Health app (it comes standard on the newest iPhone, if you do not have it, download it from the App Store).

In this application, click onMedical data-> Create medical data. Fill in all the information you consider relevant (in addition to the contact telephone number).