How to Make Makeup for Graduation for Easy Night

Graduation party always very glamorous and is a time when we want to look beautiful, elegant and chic. But many people have difficulty in choosing the makeup and, especially, who will make the make at home can get a little lost among so many options and afraid I could not do it alone.

Makeup for Graduation

Thinking about this I created a super cool and very simple tutorial for you to do alone and look beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. The focus of production is on the lips, so the eyes are super easy to make and are very light with eyeliner, a little shade and beautiful eyelashes.

But before you start this step by step, I want to make some comments for you to hit the look. When we talk about hair and makeup for graduation parties must remember that the important thing at this time is not only rock the party, but it is necessary that the look is impeccable so you also appear beautiful in the photographs, says

The first tip, then, concerns the general context, the makeup for the prom, always, mind you always, must be in harmony with the dress and hairstyle. It is all set that will ensure that in a few years when you look at the photographs be proud to display them and do not want to hide under the bed or in the closet (locked, of course) for anyone to see.

Another important consideration is that because it is a party important brightness and strong colors are super released, provided that matches your hairstyle and dress as I have said before and that follow this basic rule of thumb makeup: if the focus is on the eyes use lipstick light color, nude or clear gloss. But if, as in makeup that we will see below, the focus is on the mouth, do not do a very flashy eye. Often less is more (more elegance, more beauty, more sophistication). In our step by step the tone chosen for the lipstick has a matte red, which looks great with black dress or lead, with or without shine, but you can choose other color you like better or that matches best with your dress. Wine, for example, is a great option, copper looks great on people with darker skin and pink strong and warm colors also combine much with the eyes that we do.

Step by Step Makeup for Graduation (Tutorial and Tips)

  • Let us do makeup step by step. Oh, do not be alarmed with false eyelashes, in a balanced and harmonious production it is pure glamor.
  1. Step – Skin: Since production is especially going to perfect the skin. So nothing like starting with a press that helps hold the make longer, then use the base of your own, I always prefer the net, you think they cover better all the imperfections, but choose the product that make you more comfortable. And the same goes for the correction that must be passed under the eyes to give a healthier looking pro his face. Apply the first concealer with your finger, giving light taps, and then use the help of a brush so that it is smooth. Finally, pass the compact and an illuminator of your choice to finish.
  2. Step – Eyes: A brown shade (not too dark) mark the slight concave, careful not to overdo it, remember that it is more or make out the mouth of the eyes. You do not need a lot of practice, just get little product pass the concave and smudge. Use a pigment to give a little shine, apply on mobile eyelid and also just below the eyebrow. You can swipe your finger on it, it is a very simple step. Then apply black eyeliner around the entire eye, who like cats can bet effect because it is beautiful in this production, but if you have too much trouble or do not like just pass around the eyelashes or even a lying V format (>) at the outer corner, this option is perfect for those who have small eyes. Finally pass a beige pencil on the watermark. And a white shadow and clarinha close to the eyes of the lacrimal corner to give the most effect on the makeup. Finally, apply false eyelashes with the help of an eyelash curler, do not be afraid, they are much simpler to implement than it seems. And apply mascara to the lashes in black. Okay, look in the mirror and see the difference!
  3. Step – Mouth: As I said before, this production was made ​​thinking of ared lipstick matte and flashy, but you can use lipstick or other tones until it degrades using lipstick. The important thing here is to leave well marked mouth. Use a beveled brush to help in the application.