How to Make Up a Skin with Freckles

A face with freckles is pure charm, that no one doubts, but will also think freckles? UM … Yes, worse than not, and you know why? Because not everyone knows how to put on makeup properly. Many don’t even like your freckles and even try to hide them, but already it’s time to stop fighting with your freckles and take them over. Well, thinking about the difficulty that many women feel when choosing make ideal, we’ll show you now how to make up a skin with freckles.

Above, the hugely successful model in the years 70, Twiggy, that displayed with great pride their charming freckles … that for those who don’t know, are formed by the accumulation of melanin in the skin and usually appear after a long exposure to the Sun or, of course, for some hereditary genetic factor.

Amazing transformations: the power of makeup

And not every freckle is equal, there are several types of freckles, with colors and different intensities.

Important tips to make up a skin with freckles
In relation to make, its location is that will influence a lot of time to decide whether to cover them or leave them visible. That is, when the mackerel are just about the nose, or at a particular point, they may be confused with sunspots, so, in this case, the best thing is to try and disguise them with bases and that standardising correctives and lighten the skin, and this is possible.
However, if your freckles are those well distributed and average intensity, ideal, in this case, is to show them …

… natural and subtle, because they are super charming and sexy (men love!).
The trick is to use a base that highlight the freckles, that is, those semi-transparent bases with iridescent pigments won’t cover the mackerel, but give a homogeneous texture to the skin, which is great and looks very natural.

But if you’re not really into your freckles, there’s no point, and want to make them barely visible, so, in this case, the tip is to use a lightweight base to clear dark freckles and balance the tone of your skin. The idea is to make a perfect cover, but without hiding the freckles minors.
Important: who has freckles must learn that usually has the most sensitive skin, so it must always be hydrated and protected, who have that kind of skin, you need to give special attention to her, have a care routine. The tip is to pass, before the base, a moisturizer and sunscreen and before sleep, spend a cream with nutrients.
Another thing, who has freckles, skin should avoid using makeup with very strong colors or opaque, both eyes as the lips. Browse to give depth to the eyes with powder eyeshadows in warm tones and lips, choose a tone coral with a little shine, to give volume.

Well, that’s it, no more, the most important tip is not to be fighting with his freckles, don’t try to hide them, believe me, they are charming, the tendency today is to show the naturalness of skin, enjoy this super charming and storm!