How to Organize Contacts on iPhone

Unlike Android-based mobile phones where all calendar contacts are synchronized with one or more Google accounts, the iPhone is quite different. The contact schedule is not exactly integrated with almost anything.

How to Organize Contacts on iPhone

An app available in the AppStore called Smartr Contacts promises to perform this integration and make the iPhone’s phonebook more organized and updated. The idea of ​​this app is to merge the data of your Gmail accounts with information from social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, showing everything on the iPhone screen, always up to date and with a great history of activities.

Even on Android, it’s complicated to keep contact photos up-to-date and Smartr for iPhone does this, as well as making it easier to analyze the activities of each contact in each social network, showing shared photos, posts, and status changes.

Contacts are ranked in order of importance related to how often you communicate with each other. It has a good search interface and is fully integrated with the messaging and email system of iPhone.

The Smartr Contacts for iPhone is a free app that can be downloaded directly from the AppStore and compensates for installation! Works also on iPod, iPad and iPad 2 !

And you who uses iPhone? Ever had an Android in which contacts are synchronized with GMail natively? Could you give us an opinion about the advantages of each operating system? Which is better and in what functions? iOS or Android? How to decide between the two platforms?