How to Reinvent the White Shirt in 5 Looks

Essential in every woman’s wardrobe, the white shirt is no longer a formal and serious piece to be fully reinvented. Overlays, deconstructions and combinations once considered atypical today make head of fashionistas and make the shirt cooler than ever.Being a classic and versatile piece, combining and creating productions is very easy, and the options are endless.I separated five looks that are proof that the shirt can be worn in ways you can not even imagine!


With the winter coming, the overlays are highlighted.And not for less, since when we talk about overlap, we talk about the mix of countless pieces to create a very modern and trendy winter look.How about combining the classic white shirt with a warm sweater to cope with the warm and stylish cold?For the most fashionistas, the shirt underneath a dress is an incredible option that will leave the look to the Street Style!


If you have a long shirt in your closet , what about turning it into a comfortable, comfortable dress? The chemise, dress that resembles a shirt, is one of the hit pieces of the moment and can be combined with the chelsea boot, ankle boots, slipper, mule … the range of options is immense, and the creativity depends on you!But we guarantee, the shirt worn as a dress will make your look very stylish.


Something previously considered very different and used only by the most daring, this styling trick came with everything on the list of trends of the season.The deconstructed shirt, with cutouts, knots and unusual shapes made head of the fashionistas and can help in producing a super modern and relaxed look, taking away the seriousness that the white shirt, in theory, passes.How about experiencing this new trend that promises?


Before always hidden underneath the clothes, today the lingerie on display is a super hit and makes a perfect pair with the social shirt.Ideal for a more casual time, lingerie is often seen as the key piece of various looks.How about opening one or two buttons of your shirt and exposing the striped lingerie and super delicate lace?The tip is: do not be afraid to dare!


Classic is classic, no matter how much the trends change. Prefer the white shirt basicona? How about combining it with a cropped or destroyed jeans and ending with some accessory statement ?Scarves on the neck are on high and can give that fashionista touch to the look in the blink of an eye.Oh, and a white sneaker fits very well with the shirt too.Basic yet stylish!