How to Style a Black Shirt

For many centuries shirt is considered a native male clothes. In the wardrobe of wonderful half of humanity, it only occurs in less than a century ago. In the seventies classic shirt has become an integral part of the female image. The most popular lady enjoy classic black and white versions of female shirts.

The main features of women’s shirts are:

  • Softer lines;
  • Narrowed line waist;
  • Presence of decorative elements.

Black women’s shirt – it’s a universal garment that allows you to create a huge amount of extremely elegant and stylish models also visually correct figure. In such clothes you will always look elegant and very feminine. Black or dark blue shirt ladies appropriate in the office of negotiations club party and even romantic encounter. It all depends on the package shirts, the material of which are manufactured and used accessories.

Modern designers offer a huge number of options, classic black women’s shirts. Cotton, silk, lace, upholstery and without, with various options decorated with eye-catching details like this diversity allows each modnitse choose a model according to your own taste.

What Wearing a Black Shirt?

As mentioned above, the black shirt is universal. To it it is easy enough to pick up addition and accessories.

So for office can choose hlopkovuyu or silk black shirt lakonichnogo reduction. Such a model would look better than the strict classic trousers or skirt pencil. Diversifying office dry way to bright accessories: handkerchief, scarf decoration medium stones or of pearls.

On Sunday stroll to the shops or the park can be placed on denim black shirt men’s sizes. Similar models are perfectly matched with skirts and jeans traditional light blue or blue tone. A romantic date would suit a spicy version – shirt with black lace or guipure.

A characteristic feature of black is that it can reach excellent “company” every ottenku. Black and white compositions are good for formal events, in combination with red and its nuances – for evening outings, as well as kits with bright accessories – for everyday wear.