How to Take Care of Fishing Rod

You notice that your carp rods will gum up and wear out. But you don’t know how to clean?  You are in the right place!

We explain in a simple way the 2 types of possible interviews. And we also detail how to maintain your carp rods to keep them in good condition on BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.COM.

Discover step by step our instructions to maintain own rods and in good condition.

The interest to maintain your carp rods

Your carp rods require special care. After all, your rods are the most important tools of your dedicated to carp fishing gear.

They are subject to the test throughout the year. Your rods are under the rain, wind, cold, heat and shocks due to fighting with the carp, etc.

All these factors constitute attacks for your carp rods. It is therefore important to protect and maintain each piece of your rods.

For that, you have 2 additional ways to do this: the daily maintenance and annual maintenance.

Daily maintenance of your carp rods

Daily maintenance for the cleaning of your rods after each of your sessions of fishing. This interview is very important for 2 reasons:

§Il allows you to make sure your rods are in good condition

§Il helps you take habits by doing a few simple gestures

Tip # 1: daily maintenance will save you time at the big annual interview. You’ll spend less time cleaning each element of your rods. It’s a significant time saver!

To perform this daily maintenance, a few minutes to perform these simple gestures: simply pass your rods with warm water and SOAP them up, before rinsing them and dry them carefully, especially at the level of the nozzles.

Perform these simple gestures puts you on the path to a long life for your carp rods.

Daily maintenance is as important as the annual maintenance. Daily maintenance will allow you to quickly detect any abnormalities on your carp rods.

Annual maintenance of your carp rods

Annual maintenance is the cleaning of your rods after the high and mid seasons. Often, this interview took place during the winter break. Well Yes, most of the anglers points over the tip of their canes in the winter!

This time of year is so conducive to cleaning. It is an opportunity to pamper your carp rods.

Maintain your rods carp, the required fields

Maintenance before your carp rods, you need to equip you as it should. Here are the supplies you’ll need to thoroughly clean your carp rods.

The equipment necessary for the maintenance of your rods is simple:

§De oil

§UN brush or cotton stalks

§UN soft cloth or paper towels

§a sponge

§De soapy water (water and washing-up liquid)

With all this, you’re well equip to clean your rods.

How to maintain your carp rods?

Parts to maintain concern all the important elements of your carp rods. It’s the handles, rings, nozzles and the body of cane (blank).

Tip # 2: to maintain your carp rods, don’t forget to remove the reels of their bindings. They may annoy you during this delicate operation.

The handles of your carp rods

The handles are elements of comfort on your carp rods. It is a reason to clean them.

Case of handles in Liège: SOAP them. You can scratch them off gently with the back of a scraper sponge.

If the handles are really dirty, you can add a little bit of bleach to your water. This allows you to retrieve the colors of origins to the handles. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Handles in foam cases: requires a good wash with SOAP and water. Repeat 2 or 3 times the operation to remove any dirt.