How to Transform Bathroom into Spa

Astandard bathroom can be transformed within minutes into a nice piece and cocooning. To make you feel in your bathroom as in a spa, no need indeed to be production designer: smart tips and shopping taste good enough.

Adjust lighting

Bathroom lighting is one of the components most important to recreate an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful spa in your bathroom. To do, drop ceiling, the light too direct and aggressive, and prefer the extra lighting, much more gentle. For example leds lamps are ideal: they broadcast a delicate and warm light. Of course, the candles are also part of the essential elements to create a gentle heat in the room. A must: the floating candles to delicately place on the water, just when you slip in the bathtub…

Treat yourself to bubbles

A Spa at home and without changing your bath, it is possible thanks to the hydromasseurs.Easy to install in a few moments, these mattresses bubble fits all bathtubs and disseminate eddies at will, with different intensity of massage. Some models are equipped with a diffuser of aromatic oils to a bath to the delicate fragrance: as in a true spa! Alternative, simpler but also nice: bath balls that are sparkling water of delicate small fine bubbles and color of a pretty color.

Play with chromatherapy

The effects of Chromotherapy on stress and morale are more established and many spas are equipped with material of this technique. At home too, don’t hesitate to offer accessories to recreate a chromatic atmosphere more relaxing in your bathroom. For example, you can find some showerheads leds that change color according to the temperature of the water and are easily mounted and in a few seconds on a standard shower hose. Other ideas: aquatic orbs, which are ventousent in the bathtub and disseminate various colors while you take your bath or light radiators, connected to a control box that allows to control the scale of the color according to his desires.

Choose the colors of your bathroom

To give your bathroom a spa, it is important to choose soft and warm colors, according to anylistintheus. Ideally, so drop the white, cold, and prefer the beige, cream, chocolate, the mole, or even the Pearl gray. Why not also give marine and plant more relaxing ambience by choosing blue, green shades a little like a lagoon?

Decorate with green plants

If they are not essential for feeling at home as in a spa, green plants give a spirit of nature both oxygenating and relaxing: be a real breath of good! Among the suitable plants, opt for example for ferns who appreciate the wetlands. You can also install tropical plants like orchids, bromeliads (Guzmania, Tillandsia cyanea, pineapple bracteatus), Anthurium (Vitara, Sierra), or even the Croton. The only conditions for these plants thrive in your bathroom? Enjoy a moderate heat and sufficient light.

Crack for noble materials

For a small bathroom spa way, banish the plastic Word from your vocabulary and build on noble materials such as wood. The idea? Install pretty exotic wooden shelves, put the grating and teak stools on the ground. If your bathroom is equipped with windows, you can also hang linen curtains or bamboo blinds. You can see, the important thing is to focus on na-tu-rels accessories!

Offer you fluffy towels

Finished the sabertooths towels and slippery floors: treat yourself thick linen, soft and fluffy, as in a spa that is worthy of the name. Choose them in cotton quality, if possible in nest of bee and coordinated colours to create harmony. Do not bend them but to roll and to scent them with a few drops of water of flower of orange or why not a hint of Pillow mist (lavender, Chamomile,…) before you curl up in it… Finally, don’t forget the comfort button and opt for a pillow to be on top of your bathtub for maximum comfort…

Mists of pillow and bath pillow – in Nature and discovery

Try essential oils

For a really relaxing atmosphere, use and abuse of the diffuser with essential oils. Lavender, Orange, ylang-ylang and other bewitching scent: a few drops are sufficient to counter air of micro droplets scented with aromatic virtues recognized. Close your eyes, take a hot bath and take a deep breath… This spa, it’s as if you were there!

Alternative: opt for a whole new system of diffuser oils to adapt on the shower. His name? Skinjay. The principle is to install a box (mixing) between the faucet and the shower hose. This box is open a capsule of essential oils which merge with the shower water to fall back in rain Delicately scented skin while delivering a feeling of well-being. These capsules are available in 6 fragrances to the soothing virtues or jitters.