How to Use Big Earring Sets-Acrylic and Metal

If there’s one things that many readers ask me are tips on accessories, then today teaching How to use big earring fashion, you know?! For some time the acrylic earrings, mostly in shape of mouthinvaded all the stores and looks of the girls more detached on instagram, huh?! But not only the mouth, today the fruit models have the face of summer and also the geometric patterns like this black and white photo’s here to stay and embellish their looks from day to day.

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Also told how to use the hoop earrings, famous in the years 90, came back with all this summer 2017 and end up being the perfect addition to any look. I showed several types of hoop earrings in the video and also other metal models that are hit in stores of fast fasion and you HAVE to HAVE! After all, you need to know how to use big earring with a lot of style and it becomes easier to let the look on fashion spending little, right?!

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Learned How To Use Big Earring?

Photos/Video: Frisson

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