How to Use Black Choker

As already mentioned several times, fashion is something cyclical, is constantly changing. It is not uncommon for something that seemed to have been forgotten, resurface with a vengeance. Do you remember that Black Choker that many girls have used? She is back!

This black Choker is also known as tatto choker or necklace choker because, for being extremely tight around his neck, gives the impression of being a tattoo. For some people, this was the strangest of 90 year necklace. It turns out that he’s back, so no more fair than talking about the Black Choker, a term that seems to be more common in Brazil when referring to necklace choker.

The Black Choker consists of a plastic elastic interlaced, is made so that it is tight in the throat. At that time, the necklace was expressing different types of emotions in the girl who wore, some felt extremely wonderful, while others seemed to have written on my forehead, I hate the world. RS

Who doesn’t remember the Buffy, the show, which hunted vampires.

Although it was a fever, was not restricted to just a single style, in the street you might find different look using the Black Choker. Although the girls more have adopted alternatives to choker necklace as essential part of the look. Combinations of black, all star band t-shirts were almost uniform.

That doesn’t mean it has been restricted only to this style. You can create many different looks with a Black Choker. Recently several famous were spotted using the black Choker, not surprisingly, the accessory rocked.

Besides plastic model, we can find some fabric, where placed a pendant. Just change the material, the idea is the same. Recently if you do a search, you will find various websites selling pendants for use the Choker.

My opinion and that once again, the Choker will rock, and then some. She is always the butt of jokes and ridicularizações, I believe this is enough for most women wouldn’t be interested too.

Anyway, each one has your personality and you have to use what you like and feel, it is independent of fashion or style.

How To Use Black Choker Looks

I separated some looks with the Choker.