How To Wash A Baseball Cap Hand

4: Methods Wash the new caps Wash the New Era baseball cap without damaging the brand Wash the old baseball caps Wash the wool baseball cap If you wear your baseball cap to avoid sunlight in your eyes, give good luck to your favorite team or just to hide a bad day with your hair, you should probably wash it at some point. 

Although you can put new lids in the washer, but it is always safer to wash them by hand (because you do not want to ruin your favorite cap, right?). Read on to learn how to wash the new, old hand made wool hats.


1 Cover the sink and fill with cold water until it is half full. As the water fills, pour a full glass of detergent (without bleach) into the water. This will fill soap suds.

2 Rub or spray a pre-treatment of clothing on larger locations on your hat. Probably the spots are where the sweat and dirt after months of baseball games and miles of hiking accumulates.

3 Put the lid on the water with soap. With a clean, damp cloth with soap and water, gently removes stains. Do it to remove all the dirt. Instead of using a clean cloth, you can use an old toothbrush. If you are worried about damaging the logo or name on the lid, remove the dirt with a toothbrush. It is easier to control where you clean with a toothbrush with a cloth.

4 Empty the sink. Wash the cap with cold water and soap until the water runs clear.

Referring to Fig.

Dry cap with a pair of hand towels. Stubbed inside to keep it dry.

If you have a plastic liner molder, place it under the cap while drying.

6 Put it on a bath towel in front of a floor fan. In a couple of hours, the hat will look like new and ready to get dirty.

METHOD 2 WASH THE NEW ERA BASEBALL CAP WITHOUT DAMAGING THE BRAND 1 Take a small piece of plastic. Paste with a plastic tape of the mark. Try to cover as little as possible to wash most of the cap. Just do it if you are afraid to harm the brand while washing the cap.

2 Soak a toothbrush in a glass of warm water. There should be no soap in the water. Thoroughly clean any traces of dirt or blemish with a brush. Use a toothbrush allows you to know exactly where you should clean. This reduces the possibility of damaging the color.

3 In a large bowl, combine half a teaspoon of detergent with seven or eight cups of water. Make sure the detergent does not contain bleach because this damages your cap. To remove difficult stains, soak the brush in the water mix with detergent and gently rub the stain.

4 Rinse the detergent by immersing the brush in warm water. Make sure the water does not contain detergent. Wash thoroughly instead of scrubbing with detergent.

Referring to Fig. Remove the plastic mark and let your cap dry in the air. If you are worried that your cap to shrink (ie if it is too wet), place it over your head as it dries. Your hat will dry out like the exact shape of your head.


1 Performs a color fastness test. Wipe a damp cloth with cold water and pour a drop of detergent on it. Be sure to use a mild detergent. Similarly, put a small amount of “spray and wash”, which expelled the detergent.

2 Rub the detergent mixture into a small, hidden part of your tampon. Usually, the bottom edge is in a good place for it. This helps you to know whether your cap color change or not when washing.

3 Rinse the bottom of your cover with a clean, damp cloth. Let it dry. If the color does not change, you can wipe the dirtiest parts of your cap with the detergent blend without ruining its color.

If the color changes and you do not want to lose its original color, you should wash it with water. Sweat stains will be more difficult to remove.

4 Clean the rest of the lid with the detergent mixture and clean cloth. Clean it well and soap. Pay close attention to the area of ​​the head where the cap may stain more. Referring to Fig. Wash thoroughly with a cloth moistened with cold water. Do this until there is no more soap on the lid. 6 Let it dry. To keep your shape, put it on something with a balloon-shaped head or a coffee can, as dry. METHOD 4 WASH WOOL BASEBALL CAP 1 Use cold water to wash baseball caps made of wool. Rinse the cap with cold water. Use a cloth and mild detergent to remove stains from the lid. Make sure the detergent is wool. The recipient must specify whether the wool can be used or not. 2 Be sure to thoroughly wash your woolen cap. If it is too strong to rub or twist it, the surface can be difficult. This can give you a rough texture. 3 Rinse with cold water and dry with a clean towel. Carefully remove excess water. 4 Let it dry in your head. Although it may seem uncomfortable, this will ensure that your cap to dry the exact shape of your head. TIPS You can use a coffee can or a balloon to help mold your hat as it dries. NOTICES Make sure the detergent does not contain whitening or bleaching agents. Never put a lid on a tumble dryer. When you dry your cap, wearing a white or light colored towel, to prevent discoloration.