How to Wash Underwear

Lingerie and intimate fashion suffered major changes over the years, the most striking took place from 1920, it was during this decade that women began to use shorter and always low-cut dresses, as the goal was not to display large breasts, appeared the first models of special bras. In the following decade the feminine silhouette became more appreciated, elastic tissues were used in models more comfortable, it was in the 30 that the pieces with bulges. With the end of the second world war a new fashion walks on the set, the making of underwear made with nylon. In 1955 models were created in Black Lace, in 60 years, with female emancipation, the intimate fashion appears lighter and free, already in the 70 happens to sexual freedom, and the triangle-shaped panties became part of the wardrobe of women. In the 80 years the woman begins to rediscover your sensuality, and underwear are the expression of this rediscovered 90 years appear more comfortable and relaxed parts of 2000 until the moment the word most often used to define the underwear have become synonymous with sensuality, transparent models and lingerie rich in details.


Flossing íntimaA underwear clothing needs special care in time to be washed, because sloppy sanitation can cause irritation and in severe cases even infection. According to Organizer Ana Claudia Krone, the washing machine is not recommended in time to wash these pieces, one of the reasons is the prolonged contact with wetted parts, favorable environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, the recommended is to use specific products for this kind of clothes, on the market there are several, such as the

Mixture of peçasEvite mix the underwear with other pieces of clothing at the time of washing, because each type of clothes requires different care. Lycra parts should not be mixed with those made of cotton, as it decreases your speaking time, separate the underwear with reference to three factors, the type of material, the amount of dirt and their colors.

Let it soak. There are no restrictions as to soak, this procedure can be done without problems, but in this case it is necessary to choose suitable products, that will depend on the type of dirt or stain. The average time to soak can be of 1 hour, if the undergarment is very dirty, it can be all night, but it is recommended to change the water.

Washing in chuveiroLavar the underwear in the shower is allowed, clean hot water immediately, the recommended is to use specific products for cleaning, place a container in the bathroom and let the sauce pantie with this product at the beginning of the bath and remove the end.

EncardidasUm parts of the big problems of white underwear are the stains that leave the staff parts, a good alternative is to use products that have chlorine in your formula, such as bleach, it is also used for deodorizing the piece. Other products referred to in this case are those based on oxygen, or even Indigo, which neutralizes the yellow.