How To Wear A Belt Dress: The Combination That Adds Charm To The Look

Metallic, leather, fine and thick. With the passage of time, the belts left something functional only and became an important part of the composition of looks. Available in the most varied models and styles, it is one of the most democratic accessories and transits with great ease between all seasons and pieces of the wardrobe, such as pants, shorts and even dresses.

In the latter, the combination may be easier than everyone imagines. The dresses are also present in all collections during the year that, always very feminine, can gain an extra charm with the aid of the accessory.

Fashion designer Cuca Amorim explains that there is no certain type of belt for a dress, since they serve both to mark the waist, thinning the silhouette, and to mark the low waist, which is at hip height. “There is never a fixed rule in fashion, it depends a lot on the physical type, the intention of the wearer, the points you want to emphasize and the ones you want to hide. Depending on these factors, we think of a belt that looks nice in the context, “he says.

Tips For Combining The Dress With The Belt

The combination of these two key pieces of the women’s wardrobe is a great choice for women who wish to build a modern look, elegant and a lot of femininity without giving up comfort.

Long Casual Dress

Ideal for use with a tight waist, long dresses easily receive the finest belts, while the use of the thicker ones deserves attention.

Cuca’s tip is to bet even on the thin ones and those that are up to three fingers wide, because they are versatile. “Very thick belts are more complicated to use and require more information on fashion and style, so on a daily basis, I think it’s worth investing in the most practical ones,” says the designer.

Short Casual Dress

The dress with a more casual footprint is a piece present in every woman’s wardrobe. Ideal for the most varied types of occasions, the short models can gain an extra touch of femininity and style with the use of belts. Also, overusing the accessory makes more basic models look more refined and gives the dress a new look every time it’s worn.

The hint to tear the partnership between short and loose dresses is to give preference to the most delicate and discreet belt models. “In this case, normally the dress is ‘sweat’, with a loose and stripped style,” says Cuca. The righteous demand broader belts.


By refining the silhouette and enhancing the woman’s waist, the combination of dresses with belts ends up being ideal for plus size women. The most common way to bond the two is by placing the belt on the line just below the breasts, but it is also allowed to place it at the height of the navel. In this case, the tip is to opt for one of the same color as the clothing, not to highlight the waist circumference.

Party Dress

In case of the combination with party dresses, whether short or long, the belt should be only a detail with the purpose of adjusting them to silhouette or leave them with a lighter and relaxed look.

The preference is always given to the metallic belts, but Cuca Amorim says that the restriction that these models are exclusive of night looks no longer exists and that they can transit easily at all times. “Metallized, both belts, shoes and bags, transit freely in day and night looks, if used with good sense,” he explains.

Where To Buy A Belt Dress?

Check out nine options of ready-made combinations sold at online stores in Brazil so you do not run the risk of making mistakes when choosing the right belt for each dress.

5 Tips To Make A Wrong Time To Wear Your Belted Dress

  1. The belts should be used two fingers above the navel in productions with high waist or four fingers below in the looks in which the intention is to make them fit.
  2. The littlegirls and mignon should avoid the very thick and flashy belts and give preference to the neutral tones and the color of the clothes, in order to create the illusion of a continuous and elegant look.
  3. Women with thinner waists and narrower hips should respect the issue of proportion and always bet on finer belts that do not leave the look loaded and maintains the delicacy.
  4. The larger models also look great on women with larger breasts or larger waists.Their more robust appearance makes the silhouette feel thinner.
  5. The belts also serve to innovate the look of the dress, making it can be worn more than once and in each one with a different look.So use and abuse this accessory that is found very easily and at very affordable prices.

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