How to Wear a Women’s Bomber Jacket

Every time with the onset of autumn, we start to wonder about the top of the dress. Of course, in the beginning of September a little early to be obtained from the office of a coat or jacket, but universal jacket, which can nabrosity yourself when it gets cold, should now be at hand. A great option for everyday life can be a simple, yet stylish and very modern day sports jacket bomber womens.

Women's Bomber Jacket


The name “Bomber” is rooted in the first use of this type jackets – is clothing for pilots bombers from the US. Then this jacket perekochevala university and became a celebrated college logo or number marking the name of the school. Today American bomber jacket – and very popular thing not only in the US but also in many other countries. It perfectly highlights the everyday way, girls and boys. Bomber blouses for girls slightly different male models can safely say that this is something unisex.

Fashion blouses bomber are usually made of dense enough warm fabrics. The main features of bomberov: data product is enough volume, which gives the image of a careless kind; of handcuffs, collar blouses and below tight, wide enough jerseys gum that excellent record it, and prevent exposure to cold wind in case of bad weather. Another feature of the bomber is the presence of deep pockets.

Modern designers are not afraid to experiment with pleasure to transform blouses bomber to your taste. Today we can see bomberы with interesting prints, logo instead of the university, such as shirts, long since ceased to be the hallmark of the student. Moreover, bomber as clothing has long been gained different forms. Appeared very comfortable and functional models bomberov with a hood, which is especially important for the colder and often rainy autumn days. Moreover, the off-season is the perfect leather bomber made on the principle of classical model, but more functional and suited our weather.

As to the color tone, it is quite diverse. Of course, they were first used more quiet, muffled tones. But now that women’s bomber jacket has gained such a high popularity, data products have been implemented in many different and unexpected colors. For example, many popular and demand rose bomber because girls love this color. And he looks good and is appropriate if you know what to wear.


To look stylish and appropriate, it should understand what can combine such models. Girls excellent choice would be the combination of bomber with jeans or shorts. Moreover, you can safely wear bomber with shorts. We should not forget about skirts, to check a short pattern of cotton or jeans. Will be very appropriate to wear bomber complete with slightly long dress, in the end, a combination of different textures is so true in this season. Moreover, this will turn out romantic and does not go unnoticed.
As for the shoes, and then to the bomber jacket suitable shoes or sneakers. If bomber meet the party is entirely possible to obuty heels – it will also be appropriate.
These models clothes are extremely popular among contemporary fashion. Photo of bomber girls, can be seen in many fashion catalogs to catch the world podium. Not worth putting yourself in any kind of need to boldly keep pace with fashion trends and creating unique and unforgettable image.