How To Wear Ankle Boots Properly

With the winter break also begins the time of the closed, warm shoes. So also the time of the ankle boots. But what exactly are these ankle boots?

According to shoe-wiki, ankle boots are shoes, in which the shaft ends approximately at the level of the ankle and encircles it. The heel height is however irrelevant, so ankle boots are available with and also without paragraph.Just as the height of the paragraph does not matter, the form is not decisive.  The name Ankle Boots applies to theStiletto, Wedges, Squared and also to the Blockabsatz.Ankle boots can be worn on almost any occasion, and they can be considered as “pumps” if they have a heel.

Ankle boots can be combined perfectly to tight tube jeans or leggins. In the ideal case, the pants end up at ankle height, but if they do not, you quickly get into trouble how to wear ankle boots. For this reason we have put together a few possibilities

Wear Ankle Boots With Cardigan Trousers

If you like to wear a pair of pants that is a bit longer than ankle, you can flip them. In doing so, one or two centimeters of skin may be visible between ankle boot and trousers.

Ankle Boots With Straight Cut Business Pants Combine

Because Businesshosen are mostly straight cut and not so close at the bottom, here the pants over the ankle boat falls nicely over it. This look is equally portable and also suitable for office use.

Wear Ankle Boots With Long Tube Pants

Tube pants can be badly rolled because they are so tight, but that does not matter. The first possibility to wear an ankle boot with tube pants would be to put the pants up a bit, so that it ends at the height of the sheep. Possibility of two is to put the pants into the ankle boot, which is really only with very narrow tube jeans looks good.

Ankle Boot To Wear A Skirt

Ankle boots can also be worn very well to skirts. The only important thing is that if you wear flat boots, the skirt should not be too long, because the skirt and the shoe shorten the leg visually. If you wear high ankle boots, a midi or long skirt looks good.

You can already tell how versatile the ankle boot is.

The ankle boot is therefore the fashionable answer to many styling questions.