How to Wear Boots Over Knees

Marlene tried it

Author Marlene Sørensen dares a fashionable self-experiment every month from now. Her first test case: Overknees

How to Wear Boots Over Knees

There were certainly bigger humiliation in my life. But as the zipper the Overknees in height of knee stuck, I can’t get it to the devil, what. In height of the knee! In Overknees! Whose stupid idea was it again that I don’t these boots? Of course: mean. They looked so good. Black. Smooth leather. Massive sales. The height? A challenge.

“Hooker boots!”, calls my friend, the fashion expert, and grins. I must be crazy, I say. No, they’re good, he says. It lacks only the right outfit. A Bustier (wide grin)! And a mini (colossal grin)! I got it. Since Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” condoms from their paint shoes pulled a bouquet, one thinks in Overknees immediately: sharp. That nice girl designers such as Isabel Marant send the boots on the catwalk, nothing changes this time. The higher the stock, the less of decency.

On the other hand: What is even wrong with a little indecency? Don’t mind the open zipper. On the contrary, I find it daring. The brave shirt dress, that I don’t do this, looks suddenly exciting. That’s obscured the boots? So what! To the others but wonder where they end up. The seat neighbor on the train from Berlin to Hamburg and the conductor and the type on the course and… – which seem to wonder, especially what I still have. Or I just in my head? I am impressed by me only? Overknees are less clothing as a test of courage. Given my usual uniform of jeans, T-Shirt and high heels boots are a penalty to be nerve wracking for a defender. The possibility that I’m to the depression seems overwhelming. But a COP-out does.

Respect, says a friend, I would not have dared me that.

The longer I have the boots, I feel even more bold, I say. What do we do next? Go with Brett in a posh boutique (by the way, the better scene from “Pretty Woman”)? Drinking champagne? Join the MI6? With these boots, I can enter doors and strangle enemy agents. Not that that ever going to happen. But just the feeling that I could, is already pretty damn good.

You can’t one of the boots however: his friend excuses that a mini skirt would have been but the better outfit.

Here are some style tips for you:

  • Smooth leather or fine suede boots are the best. Boots are never nice.
  • A character-driven Shiftrock looks a loose shirt dress to casual, elegant.And a sexy denim mini.
  • As an accessory, you need no more than a chain with a charm or a few bracelets.