How to Wear Flared Skirt?

You know when you open your wardrobe and nothing current fashion, need to buy a new outfit, but the money’re short? Then you think: what do I buy? In this case, you will need a wildcard piece, one that goes well with everything that you have the same wardrobe that is the previous trend.

And this piece is the skirt-line! You know that justinha sainha at the waist, but is opening in length? So … is this same! She is super high because it has a lot to do with the vintage look that is coming back with all with the novel Boogie Oogie.

Although not the same time of the novel, which takes place in the 70s, the skirt-line refers to the 60 that were also very striking for women’s fashion.

But then comes a lot of doubt: I will match what clothes I can use if I’m chubby, long or short use, on what occasion …

For this we will give several additional tips in the Paradisdachat.

  • First it combines with all climates since you can use it showing the legs or pantyhose.
  • Regardless of your body type is only you choose the right model to mask or enhance the curves.
  • For those who are overweight put the waistband of the skirt at the navel or above, as this skirt is narrower at the top it will help to give a thinner waist print.
  • Another tip is to look chubby use dark and neutral colors.
  • For those who want to increase the volume of hip or butt models will use the full layers, ruffles and pleats. This is a super tip for the skinny.
  • If you opt for shorter, prefer a long sleeve shirt to balance the look.
  • For friends who adopt a more demure look, choose the evasês skirts at the knee.
  • Who likes the longer, look and cheerful prints and fabrics so that you are not looking older, especially if you’re past 40.
  • The incredibly low should not wear long models down the middle of cinnamon since this model shortens the silhouette.
  • Try to use the shirts always inside the skirt, as she is already more soltinha, if you wear the shirt out is all too full volume, leaving the heavy look.
  • Already the tip to the choice of footwear is: use what you want. This piece is very democratic, as I said, goes with everything.

Now you can go in that store that you love and buy an outfit of flared skirt that fits your style and your body type. The price of these varies between R$50 and believe me, R$8,910. This increased value I found in Farfetch, but of course the most common price is not that.