How To Wear Legging At Work

To wear leggings at work you need to know some little tricks so that your attire is appropriate to the workplace. 

Leggings is that essential piece of clothing in the female closet, they are quite comfortable and versatile. We can wear leggings with patterns or flat, all by the type of job we have and the role we play. Learn about how to use legging at work in an elegant and discreet manner.

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1 For you to choose the legging to use work should use your common sense. That is, you should not go to work as if going to the beach or going out at night. If working in an office you should choose simple, flat or listed leggings but do not use very colorful patterns. If you work in a store, you may already have more freedom in choosing the leggings, you can opt for more cheerful tones and patterns.

2 It should not under any circumstances go to work with leggingsthat are transparent, should always use those very opaque. No transparencies in the workplace, except a shirt with some transparency but then you should wear a shirt underneath.

3 Choose the right panties, preferably the same tone as your leggings, do not wear tight panties, as the leggings are tight on the body this type of panties gets very protruding.

4 Beware when you are in those days, then the option is always blacklegging, so there is no mistake. You do not want everyone to know you’re menstruating, are not you?

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Another detail that you should be aware of is if your legging is right on your body, you should always choose a lighter leggings to not notice those greasyones, nor do you get uncomfortable.

6 When choosing your legging you must choose what you will wear with them, it is ideal to always wear shirts, blouses or long tunics.Your shirts or blouses should end after the bonbon, so you look verydiscreet and elegant.

7 It is lovely to wear leggings in a shirt and blazer, very chic and great for the days of work.

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You can wear either a nice medium heel or you can go more relaxed by wearing sneakers, putting on sneakers with more classic clothing is one of the new trends and let’s combine, it’s super practical.

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