HTC Interrupts The HTC Update 10-Nougat, Resume The Process in Three Weeks

HTC, despite the situation facing, is a company that supports a relatively fast as for updates to their phones (which does not mean that they are all fast we would like to), and that of Nougat is no exception, although it has been stepped, starting from United States.

Recently it began to reach Europe the long-awaited version of Android to the terminal of last year, the HTC Taiwanese star 10, after a few months of waiting. However, a week ago HTC Germany announced that the update of the operating system would stop temporarily due to some bugs.

HTC 10 (EU + carrier versions) to get Android N January with security patch within next 3 weeks. Relax and wait.

— LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) January 14, 2017

The company has not given details What kind of error has caused that it had to temporarily interrupt the update, although it will have to be serious to waive to provide it to all users and fix any faults with minor in successive days updates.

The well-known developer LlabTooFeR, It also tends to filter out some rumors about HTC with some effectiveness, has said on his Twitter account that Android Nougat is moving on to the HTC 10 in three weeks and that, in addition to being more stable that in United States, it will come with the January 2017 security patch.