HTC Sense 3.0 Comes to HTC Desire HD Thanks to The Community

This week has been one of the main characters of today in the Android world HTC: Tuesday arose in society to the HTC Sensation (formerly known as HTC Pyramid) and we read about how HTC Sense 3.0 would not reach the terminals which already had on the market.

Now we talk precisely about this last point. Home Developer Community has proven, once again, that the limitations that manufacturers put they can’t have sex with them and they have already begun to work to bring the new HTC interface to other terminals.

Capychimp, an XDA user, has posted a adaptation of the ROM the HTC sensation (that was leaked a few days ago) compatible with the HTC Desire HD. At the moment there are many features that are not operational but it serves to demonstrate that the new version of HTC Sense is compatible with other devices

At the moment it is only a proof of concept but it is very possible that soon we see this ROM updates or versions for other devices whether or not HTC. Back in the day we saw how for example HTC Sense could work perfectly on a Nexus One.

The developers put the limit, we’ll see what happens in the future. Many users are making a moment thanks to the developer community prolong and squeeze the capabilities of its terminals beyond the rules that the manufacturers and operators.