Ice Cream Sandwich Will Arrive Shortly to The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Thanks to Cyanogen

With the release of the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich home developers are quick to get your hands and start to develop the first ROMs. At the moment which have been published are in precarious phase and walk away being functional versions for the user medium. However it seems that inside little some devices receive more stable ROMs.

Steve Klondik, the head of CyanogenMod, announced in Google Plus which ICE Cream Sandwich will arrive shortly to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the hands of known home developers team. Of time has has no specified date and we are left with the always ambiguous “soon”.

If on the other hand are holders of a Samsung Galaxy S II, codeworkx (a collaborator of CyanogenMod) has announced on his personal blog the State of the version of this ROM with Ice Cream Sandwich. There are still things that do not work such as camera or Bluetooth that Yes.

As you can see the Android community not to. There is much interest developers home to launch ROMs with this new update. At the moment, my advice is that if you want to try some it is best to expect it to go stable versions, except as you may be aware of the risk involved.