Ideas for Pregnant Guests

Most of the ideas that are on dresses for guests overlook the pregnant women. However, being pregnant you does not participate in an event so beautiful and romantic as it is the wedding of a loved one. For this reason, we have decided to show you some ideas so you can also go and radiant. Do you want to see them?


Victoria Beckham attended the liaison between Prince William and Catherine Middleton with an own elegant and simple design, very dark blue. The model in question was more long from behind to ahead and many experts considered it one of the best dressed. Without a doubt, it was a clear sign that the dark colors can be a very smart choice if you’re already several months.

The variety of the market is not extremely large, but there are some firm dedicated to pregnant women. Such is the case ofMit Mat Mamá, in which we find flattering dresses, both short and long. His designs include the bright fabrics, lace and cut Empire.

Isabella Oliver bets for kleinblue, red and black, with Greek styles predominantly. These possibilities will be great for refined women. It also points to the tendency of el dorado, filled with paillets, designs that will delight those faithful followers of fashion.


A pregnant woman should have absolute stability, according to zipcodesexplorer.

so it is better to use flat shoes, wedges, or low heels. In addition, if the pregnancy is advanced, we will feel quite swollen and we endure disproportionate stilettos.

The dancers may be elegant even being completely flat. Christian Louboutin or Zara, we can find models with tacks, while Oasis Store is inclined by flowers and Michel Kors to the rhinestones. I.e. to wear flat shoes doesn’t mean subtract distinction to our look, since more and more valid designs are released for every moment.

In Dorothy Perkins , we look at a wide range of platform shoes, either based on crochet, patent leather, fabric, Wicker or raffia. However, now that the wedges are in full fashion, it is possible to find suitable models in many stores and which have nothing to envy to the stiletto heel.

With these tips, you sure you manage to enhance the beauty that already if you have a pregnant woman. Remember that the key is first and foremost be comfortable and we can move without difficulty, to take advantage of the link like any other guest.