IFA 2013: Which Devices The Manufacturers Would Introduce And Imagine

Starting tomorrow in Berlin, the IFA is kicked off with several press conferences and events from the various manufacturers. As in the last few years, the focus is on smartphones and tablets, although the IFA also displays almost all the devices that a modern person could use in everyday life. But what can we expect? A whole lot, because Samsung, Sony, LG , Huawei, etc. will present new devices.

 On the spot is Daniel for us first, who will visit a few events, together with him I will then rip off the fair on Friday. By the way, this is open for regular visitors from 6th – 11th September 2013.

From the following manufacturers we expect a few novelties or at least the unveiling of further devices with important information for us.


From the market leader we can definitely expect the Galaxy Note 3 and the Smartwatch Galaxy Gear. Somehow, however, I felt that this was not all. Maybe another special tablet? We will see.


The Japanese will present us with the change lenses for smartphones a world novelty to which I personally am already quite hot. There is also the camera smartphone Honami alias Xperia Z1 . Even more? Lastly, a new Xperia tablet was introduced at the IFA, but in January 2013, the tablet S was quickly added to the tablet Z. Since then 8 months have passed, but I do not expect a new tablet from Sony in Berlin.


Here the future is unclear, even the nearer future. HTC has so far announced no press conference, revelation or anything of this kind, but with the One Max stands a new smartphone already with one leg in the door. In order to get a little bit into the way of Samsung, one might think of the One Max at the IFA, but maybe two or three days later. The manufacturer is represented at the fair, but we are not yet expecting a presentation with an event. UPDATE: Desired today the Desire 601 and the Desire 300.


Also Huawei has invited to an event. Well, I can imagine that there will finally be presented the in-house MediaQ set-top boxes  for the European market. This was also indicated by a picture on the invitation. These devices have already been shown at the beginning of the year but have not been available since. The alternatives to Google TV and Co. can be especially favorable.


The G Pad was introduced and the G2 also. However, we expect at least one new device from LG, if not several. The Optimus L series is also extended. Although the Optimus L9 2 was presented, but not internationally and without information for Europe. In addition, a new Optimus VU 3 would have to be available, since its predecessor was introduced a year ago. The G-Pad is also lacking in price and availability.


Wiedermal ASUS will introduce a new Transformer Pad, which has already several teasers announced . So far, however, one can not say whether it is a high-end tablet or a cheaper device. In addition, we expect a few new ideas, because simply tablet with keyboard docking station has become somewhat dull. A new edition of the Padfone Infinity had already dived in the last days, but a presentation would be a bit early in my opinion. UPDATE: A new video of the new Fonepad 7 has just been released.


Like LG, Acer has already shed the powder already, because with the Iconia A3 and Liquid S2 yesterday were already presented new androids. We do not know whether it was. However, the fair will probably only be used to promote these new devices.


Like Huawei, ZTE wants to be a big number in the West, but so far you do not do much for that. Also on this IFA one does not seem to announce any device full-bodied, but perhaps we can expect a new Intel smartphone.