In This Children’s Day, Donate Toys

Have you ever stopped to take a peek at all the toys your son has? And as much as he doesn’t even give it, he doesn’t look, how much more he plays? Here at home is exactly what happens. The Leo has many, but many toys, but only cares for his plastic balls furrecas, those well simplesinhas of 1.99 (Lucky us!).

So, what did we decide to do? Donating Leo’s toys. Not all, because I intend to have a second child, but a good part of them.

Yesterday, a girl I met in a discussion group and who does volunteer work at a daycare center passed here, took two bags full of toys in great condition and will certainly make a lot of very happy children on this next October 12th.

And then, after making this donation and posting in the Instagram photo of the bags of donated toys, several readers who follow me on this social network suggested that I do a campaign for donation of toys. I don’t know exactly how to do a campaign (laughter!), but I think sharing here my experience, giving hints of what to donate and how to make this donation, I think it already serves as a mini Campanhazinha. Or at least as an example that can be followed and can bring joy to many children who do not expect to gain anything on this next day of children.

Good, practical tips for anyone excited about the idea and decided to donate some (or many) of the puppies toys listed on estaterealest:

What To Donate:

  1. Select for donation only toys that are in good condition.Broken toys and defective do not serve.The child will be sad to see it and can still get hurt if any part is damaged.
  2. If the toy is in good condition, but dirty, take a basic clean up.Sure, he’s going to be with another man.
  3. Choose only the toys your child really does not use or don’t like.Go enjoy the donation not to get rid of some unattractive girlor toy that bothers you and let your little sad and indignant.
  4. If your child already has a certain age, ask for him to help in choosing and cleaning the toys that will be donated and explain to him why you are doing this.I’m sure he will understand and be happy with the action.And you will be teaching something valuable to him. (PS: this is open parentheses to tell a funny story. A friend asked his daughter to choose toys that would donate to other children. The small time replied: “Mom, I’m donating my favorite toy: the John”. Detail: the John is your little brother who just arrived. kkkk!)

How To Donate:

A lot of people say they’d like to donate the things (toys, clothing and even furniture), but you never know where and how. Well, it has a simple and quick solution: our friend Google. If we take a quick pesquisadinha there, pipocarão various institutions, NGOs, initiatives for which you can make donations.But as I’m way ahead of you on the subject, here are my suggestions.

  1. Donations to institutions in the neighborhood.Quick turn around for your neighborhood.See if that way have any daycare, orphanage or institution which assists needy children. If so, contact us and ask how you can make donations. But contact even. Call ahead and check. Because if you go straight, you can give with the guy at the door, as some may not receive donations in this way.
  2. Donations to churches.Many churches concentrate donations and then forward for crèches, nurseries or other establishments held by them.Contact the Church that you frequent or know and see more information on how you can donate.
  3. the Salvation Army.This is a salvation, who donates and who receives. He removes the donations at home and then performs bazaars with what was donated. The income is reversed for some causes supported by them (for example, victims of large floods). Depending on the region of the city of São Paulo that the donor is, they remove the items donated by up to 48 hours. Donations can be scheduled by phone or through the Web site of the institution. (the only issue here is that the donated toys will not be sent to needy children, but resold and the income donated to causes supported by them. But it’s the thought that counts, doesn’t it?)
  4. Donations to institutions maintained by the city.Another alternative for those who do notknow where to donate toys is to call your town hall and ask about it. Sure, they have the contact of institutions that receive donations.
  5. Donation to institutions that your friends support.When in doubt, talk to friends or acquaintances and ask them where they usually make donations.For sure, they will display only reliable institutions.
  6. Donations in special actions.Search to find out if your city is doing some special action of donation.Dates like Christmas and children’s day tend to stimulate this type of movement.

Other Tips:
Take the puppy together when making the donation. Show in practice that represents this gesture from him (after all, he’s giving up of the gift). Leo is still too young to understand, but I think I know what we will do special next Day of children.

Organize a joint donations with friends. How about you contact all the people you know, check with them that they have to donate toys and then leave behind an institution that accepted you to do a mini-event League of donation? Yes! It would be very nice not only leave the toys there, but deliver them personally to children, in a voluntary action organized by friends. Maybe I’m too short notice to organise that for this children’s day, but is a tip for Christmas or the day 12 October of the next year.