Inspire Yourself In The Vintage Style Of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a reference in the world of music and fashion! The American singer is adept in the Vintage style and does not appear in the p…

Lana Del Rey is a reference in the world of music and fashion! The American singer is adept of the Vintage style and does not appear on the stage without some piece that remembers the years 1960! Of course: everything with a touch of modernity! So Lana Del Rey is It!Meet the diva style and be inspired!
Lana Del Rey loves the 1960s: the taped dresses with round skirt are the face of the singer! To complete the retro look, Lana makes a very high tuft with a band!

Day By Day

On a daily basis, Lana Del Rey is produced less than on stage, but does not lose the style: round skirts, basic blouses and hair bands make the look retro and super-romantic. Tip: The espadrilles are very comfortable, give style for the look and still combine with this retro style.

The hot pants were the sensation of the 1990s and came back repaginadas! They should be used with caution so as not to leave the vulgar look. To match them and make their visu very stylish, T-shirts with different and shorter prints also enter the retro style. #Better!

Classics: White
shirts and shirts are timeless and look good in just about any situation: from a college reunion (with a more behaved cut, of course) to the mall ride and even an evening date. To get a look at the look, invest in shoes or colorful accessories!

Gala Night:

The singer is synonymous with elegance on the red carpet and prefers pieces with classic tones. That’s why he hardly misses the time to get dressed. Red is It! Just take care of white so you do not look like a bride, okay? Take advantage to highlight the parts of your body that you like.