Instagram: With the Correct Photo Tips for More Likes

The social network Instagram lives mainly by the rain participation of its members and of the number of photos that are published there. Target is like in all the social networks to attract, likes and follower to get attention with own contributions. Her scores on the net with the following tips.

Before published a picture on Instagram, each user should consider exactly what he wants to say the community thus. No matter whether it is a snapshot of a party or an elaborately wrought after image – the image is first published, will meet with recognition or rejection of it.

Topic Pages Attract Fans

Many likes often get images on pages dealing with a particular topic. Who cares, for example, street art, can inspire other fans of this art form by a microsite and will receive many likes. Watch just in topic pages to publish new photos, to the interest of the follower aufrechzuerhalten at regular intervals.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Images

The quality of images is crucial for the number of likes–snapshots from the last trip on the sea should therefore fulfil a minimum standard. No one can be impressed finally with pixelated or blurred photos. Publish only photos that look good. Images represent an exception, which are original or have captured an emotional moment – such photos can have quiet small imperfections.

As Instagram offers a variety of filters, these should also be used. Applies also here: the right amount is crucial, sometimes more can be less. But a complicated editing can be circumvented with the appropriate filters often easily.

Join Instagram Competitions

Instagram photo competitions held regularly, where the most popular images are chosen. A well-known example is “photo of the day”, where you can participate with an uploaded image and the Hashtag #photooftheday. Who wins this contest, receives many hundred likes often within a few hours and in the long run some new followers. For example, #bestoftheday and #pictureoftheday are comparable competitions.


  • Paying attention to the selection of photos will be published – determine your profile
  • You try on a topic page – so you can quickly generate likes and will get in the long run more followers
  • The quality of photos is crucial for whether or not it receives likes
  • Use the filters provided to you by Instagram
  • Participation in competitions can generate long term follower