Institution Benefit From the Universe’s Retro Calendar

Next Saturday, December 5, the launch of the first Calendar printed Retro Universe site, in partnership with the Be a Bombshell and Sundae Inc. The project, which brings together 12 Pin-Ups in Brazil representing each of the months of the year, will be released on Vintage Expo and will have part of your income for the home of the mother me.

Located in the neighborhood of Penha, in the East zone of São Paulo, the home of long permanence existed for 33 years. Coincidence or not, the place for the needy elderly was inaugurated on 8 March 1982, women’s day. At the time, Ivana Gratian, then 49 years, convinced your dad, Antonio, to build a space that would house elderly needy, because, she says, are the most forgotten by our society and Government. Check definitions of vintage clothing from

The two, then, with the help of the granddaughter and daughter, Alycia Martin, changed the direction of a spiritist Center in the region for the construction of this new House. They invested what they could at the time and were behind the new residents. Initially, rescued 18 ladies of the most remote places of Sao Paulo; slums, streets and other institutions.

The idea was to have a home fully philanthropist, with the objective of giving protection, integral assistance, reinclusion and, above all, much love to the elderly. All this with the support of the regulars from the Center. However, with the passage of time and the increase in the number of residents, it was getting pretty hard to sustain the home only with Ivana donations and volunteering.

Today, to work in place of the law, the House requires that all employees are registered. The caretakers and volunteers had to be replaced by registered nurses, as well as all power of the elderly be controlled by nutritionists. With that, the Bills also began to grow and the difficulties the knock on the door of this home.

The solution found was to ask Ivana collaboration also some elderly families with better conditions, which could contribute financially to the House. So, today, each cooperates with what you can. In addition, donations of food, medicine, clothing, services or even money from companies or people, continue to keep the site running.

Currently, the home of the mother me houses 34 ladies divided into two wings – the more frail (60% have Alzheimer’s) and the least weakened, in which 13 of them unable to cooperate financially with the location. However, according to Ivana, all are treated equally and are called by her daughters. Ivana integrates the direction of the institution from the beginning and, today, at the age of 82 years, also lives and works in the House.

Beyond it and your daughter Wilburn, the team is composed of 23 nursing professionals, nutrition, cooks, cleaners, washerwomen, caretakers of the elderly and general services assistants. Not to mention the volunteer professionals from various fields who collaborate for the institution to continue your good work. The House is open for visits three times a week.

To help get the timing of the Universe during the Expo 2016 Retro Vintage of R $35, or request your copy via email: “Along with the donation of the amount collected in cash, we are planning a very nice action with the ladies, to provide a day back to the past, with much joy and many cultural attractions,” reveals Frank Adams, Publisher of the universe and one of the creators of the Retro project.

“The place desperately needs our help. Unfortunately, the House is likely to close its doors due to lack of funds to pay the wages of the employees. Therefore, we ask the collaboration of who can help with the cause. Is the purchase of the calendar, is making a visit to the ladies or even donating supplies. The design is very serious and need our support, “adds Frank.