Invited At a Wedding: So You Can Find the Perfect Shoes

Soon it is time for the bride and groom to give themselves the yes-word and invite you to it. This is nice but also connected with ample questions and effort. Should it be chic but restrictive from the apex to the sole or the outfit so that it can be danced comfortably even after hours?

We provide helpful tips and hints that link both.

For him: shoes for the wedding

If you wear sneakers even in everyday life rather than lacquer shoes, the outfit at the wedding can feel like an adjusting costume.

Men with a generally very casual clothing style feel more dressed in suit suits than well.Which in turn can spoil the joy of the wedding feast.The footwear presses to the right and left and especially to the toes.Dancing is no longer to be thought of after a short time, and even walking can be difficult.

The better choice are then sneakers, even if these at first seem to suit the suit rather unusual.

Completely black in models kept, even at formal events less than imagined.

In addition, more and more grooms themselves decide to wear comfortable shoes for the wedding – at the latest after the ceremony at the local church or in the church.

So ask the best simply (and experience better the bride), whether the combination of shoes and outfit corresponds to the ideas of the married couple.

For you: shoes for the wedding

For the bridal couple, the most beautiful day in life is to last as long as possible.But, from the ceremony to the buffet on the dance floor – especially women in high heels – they want nothing less than the end of the celebration and thus the moment when they can take off the high hoes and stow away from the painful feet.Some already give up during the wedding celebration and continue to dance barefoot.

It does not have to come so far, however, when the right shoes are selected for the wedding or a more comfortable couple are kept in for a change.

Ideal for this are sneakers or high tops, which can be found in color matching or fashionably contrasting to the outfit quite quickly on our site.

This (yet) extraordinary choice costs however also some courage.Therefore, ask the bride in advance if the wedding shoes match their expectations.Optimally with a picture of the selected sneaker.This is of course easier if the future husband or wife is the best friend or a good friend.Perhaps this is even even comfortable shoes for the wedding stand, in which she will hatch after the yes-word.

Shoe choice depending on the theme of the wedding

In the case of distant acquaintances, relatives or a very formal planning, you should prefer to put on flat heels or have the choice of the shoe to be determined by the theme of the wedding.Here, too, it may be something more unusual.From the costume ankle boots to the Dirndl-Chucks: The choice is often bigger than imagined.So it does not always have to be paragraphs.