iPhone 6 comes on 9. September? Here are rumors and specs!

Apple will launch their new iPhone (6) 9. September 2014, according to Re/code. Today we write about rumors and news about Apple’s next flagship.

Will iPhone 6 become larger and come in two versions?

Most rumors underlines the size of iPhone 6 ‘s screen, and everyone expects that the screen will be even greater. Remember that Apple did iPhones screen 0.5 inch bigger (from 4.5 to 5 inch) since they launched the iPhone 5.

Many say that Apple is planning to launch 2 iPhone 6 models in two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch screen, and the other with a 5.5-inch screen. But perhaps the larger model, which is considered as a phablet, launched a little later than in september because of production difficulties.

Both models will have a high pixel density (416 dpi when it comes to 4.7-inch version, and 365 dpi when it comes to the second version).

Even stronger display: Get iPhone 6 get sapphire glass?

iPhone 6 saphir glass

According to the rumors, the latest iPhone get a “Saphir” screen. And this screen withstands (almost) everything! Here you can read more about Pat Saphir-glass and see prom video.

iPhone Air?
Part of the rumors tells that one of the two versions of the iPhone 6 will be called iPhone Air – probably the biggest. Would it not have been nice with such a phablet from Apple?
Finally, you can check out how iPhone 6 will appear, according to TechRadar, which published this image which apparently was sent by an Apple beta tester:

A leaked image of the iPhone 6

Do you think that the latest iPhone 6 is going to look like this? Do you like to the screen might get bigger?  When Did the iPhone Come Out? See all answers on internetdict.