It Starts to Reach The Original A5 Galaxy Marshmallow

For those of us with an original Samsung Galaxy A5 (from 2014) have been some tense moments with doubts if finally would receive Marshmallow or not. In the calendars of updates filtered information was always doubtful type “we will test it and then what already exists”.

His successor, the Galaxy A5 this year, It is already receiving Marshmallow since June, but the original Galaxy was little more that an unknown. Until now. The European version of the A5 Galaxy (model A500FU) is already receiving your dose of Marshmallow in the variant for different operators of Spain (Vodafone), Republic Czech, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands.

The Galaxy A5, as well as the majority of mobile, is offered in many variants and models in different parts of the world. A500F model is the international, accompanied by the A500FU for Europe, A500M for Peru and Colombia, the A500Y for Australia and New Zealand, the A500YZ for Taiwan, the A500FQ for Turkey and A500F1/A500K/A500S for South Korea. The upgrade to Android 6.0 is now the A500FU exclusive.

The only other models can wait, and if we trust the time that it took to get a Lollipop (recall that it was sold with KitKat), more worth you exercise your patience since the wait can be long. The truth is that it is somewhat ironic because upgrading to Lollipop arrived after the presentation of Marshmallow and the latter becomes days that will officially launch Nougat.