Jaybird SB2 Sports Band Bluetooth Headsets for Mobile Phone

Jaybird Bluetooth headset, have released a new SB2 Sports band Bluetooth headset that comes in many colors and has the apt-X technology.

This product awakens a stir with the timeless design of the Sports band. The design is inspired by the ‘ 80s, but at the same time has maintained a sleek and modern look.

The product is available in several colors
Jaybird brings life to Bluetooth headphones with the fresh new Sports band colors. There is a color for every taste and every occasion. In all, the Jaybird SB2 produced in 9 colors: green, blue, orange, red, dark red, black, light blue, pink, white.

Jaybird SB2 allows for sound in CD quality via Bluetooth
The new SB2 Sports band comes with apt-X technology, which clears up, adds depth, bass and treble to your Bluetooth music downloaded from wholesaleably.com.

Sb2 comes with an upgraded hardware for better volume, clarity and call performance.
Sports band handles both stereo music and phone calls. Complete AVRCP remotes listed on the headphones.